Big Size Steel Plate Drilli Custom ng Machine High Speed shop for Condenser Boiler Bridge Industry

Product Description

CNC CZPT -Speed Gantry Moving Drilling CZPT for Plates Model TPM6040-2

This machine is gantry moving CNC high speed drilling machine, mainly uses for drilling and grooving work-pieces like tube sheets, flanges, can adopt both internal cooling carbide drills as well as external cooling twist drills. The two spindles can work simultaneously or independently, CNC control, easy operate, can realize automation, high precision, multi-scale, mid-small amount production.


This machine is composited by machine bed & CZPT itudinal slip plate, worktable, gantry& transverse slipway, vertical ram type drill box, chip conveyor, hydraulic system, pneumatic system, central lubrication system, electric system.

a. This machine is gantry moving, reduces the machine length, saves occupying area. CZPT bed and gantry adopts steel plate welding structure, have done the manual aging treatment, the precision is stable. Worktable, CZPT itudinal slip plate, transverse slipway and ram etc are iron casting parts. There are T slots distributed on the worktable surface, for clamping tube sheets and fixture.
b. Movable gantry is installed the left and right CZPT itudinal slide carriages, which is right-angle bending plate welding steel structure. A set of transfer mechanism consisting of AV servo motor and high precision rack assembly on the left and right sides respectively. The gear assembly are connected with CZPT itudinal slide carriages. When the AC servo motor rotates, it drives the gear to move along the rack(X axis), the slide carriage moves along the guide at the same time.
c. The movement of drilling  box (Y axis) is guided by two staged high precision linear ball screws equipped in CZPT of gantry beam, and driven by servo motor and large pitch ball screws, the servo motor is transmitted by timing belt with rotation of large pitch ball screw. CZPT ing screw is pre-tightened by double nuts, removed the gap. Y axis equips with Heidenhain Grating Scale, formed fully closed loop control, with high transmission precision.
d. The vertical movement of Ram type drilling box (Z axis) is guided by linear guide which locates at both sides of ram, driven by servo motor and ball screw.Dydraulic balancing, every drilling box can work independently. Z Axis equips with balance cylinder, if the Z axis motor belt broken, it will drop very slowly to stop until touches the buffering cusion which locates between bearing base and screw nuts base, to avoid Z axis slide falls down accidently.

e. The drilling box is rigid high precise spindle, adopts BT50 internal cooling spindle from ZheJiang , with blowing device. Also equips with ZheJiang hydraulic tool cylinder, using hydraulic -disc spring to do automatic tool de-clamping, tool pulling, with tool status monitoring device to check the tool clamping and effective safety co-locking protection device. Easy to change tools. The spindle is driven by spindle servo and timing belt, spindle speed is 30~3000r/min, large rotation speed range.

f. The hydraulic system is for auto tool device and weight balance of ram type drilling box, unified oil supply; all the hydraulic units are from imported brands or joint venture companies, for easy maintenance and solving oil leaking, all the design adopts accumulative valves.

Name Description Value
Max. work-piece size LXW 6000X4000mm
Max. Thickness 250mm
Worktable Width of T Slot 28mm
Max. bearig force 5t
Drilling spindle Max. Drilling dia. Φ50mm(carbide)
Drilling depth/drilling dia. ≤5(carbide,Max. thickness 250mm)
Speed 30-3000r/min
taper BT50
Power of frequency motor 2×22kW
Gantry CZPT itudinal movement(X axis) Max. stroke 7000mm
Moving speed 0-8m/min
Servo motor 2×4.3kW
Drilling head transverse movement
(Y axis)
Distance between two spindle 860mm-4000mm
Moving speed 0-8m/min
Servo motor 2×3.1kW
Drilling head in-feed movement
(Z axis)
Stroke 500mm
In-feed speed 0-5m/min
Servo motor 2×3.1kW
Positioning accuracy X,Y ±0.1mm/ whole length
Re-positioning accuracy X,Y ±0.05mm/ whole length
Hydraulic system Hydraulic pump pressure/flow 6MPa/25L/min
Hydraulic pump motor CZPT 3kW
Pneumatic system Air pressure 0.6MPa
Chip removal and cooling Type Plate-chain
Quantity 2
Removing speed 1m/min
Chip removal CZPT CZPT 2X0.75kW
Cooling way Internal cooling &External cooling
Pressure/flux 2Mpa
Internal cooling CZPT pump CZPT CZPT 2X7.5kW
Electric system CNC System Siemens 828D
No. of CNC axis 6
Total CZPT About 85W
Overall size L xW x H About 11.7mX8.9mX3.6m
Weight About 70t