C Custom NC Fla Cheap t Bed Lathe Machine

Product Description

This machine is a half closed loop CNC lathe machine, with a centralized automatic lubrication device, 4-station or 6-station electric tool post, once  programming input can automatically realize the mechanical parts of the cylindrical, inner hole, thread, complex surface machining.The machine using CNC control system, control 2 axis movement at the same time, there is movement, linear and circular interpolation, thread cutting, all kinds of cutting cycle, coordinate system seted, the tool tip R and cutter offset compensation, and so on fully repair and auxiliary functions .Program compiled USES the international ISO standard, can manually entered program use the key on the panel or Input  by data communication interface.
Horizontal bed structure, the main components such as the bed and base adopt high strength resin sand casting materials, fully aging treatment, guideway by the high frequency quenching treatment, to ensure the stability of the machine tool use for a CZPT time.X ,Z guideway sticking PTFE for durable.
The spindle has two shifts (high /low) speed, manual change shift, stepless change speed in one shirft, low gear 80- 400 RPM, high 400- 2000 RPM, the bearing in CZPT of the spindle system adopts double row cylindrical roller bearing, the behind bearing is high precision, high speed angular contact bearings, high speed, high precision, strong rigidity, small thermal deformation, smooth running, low noise characteristics significantly.


CLK6140D/2  Items UNIT 750 1000
Max. swing over bed mm 400
Max. swing over cross slide mm 170(standard)/150( with T-slot)
End surface of standard chuck (doesn’t contain claws) to enter of tailstock mm 680 1000
X/Z axis travel mm 220/550 220/860
Z direction guideway span mm 320
Spindle bore mm 51(standard manual chuck )
Code for spindle nose   A2-6
Spindle nose tape No Morse 6
Spindle speed range rpm 2 shifts:80-400,400-2000
Tailstock sleeve dia. mm 55
Tailstock No MT4
Tailstock sleeve travel mm 150
Electric tools pcs 4/6(option)
Tools Size mm 25×25
Screw pitch mm X:4;Z:6
X, z rapid feeding m/min X:6; Z:8
X/z axis smallest unit set mm 0.001
Main motor KW 5.5KW
cool pump   AB-25
Cool pump motor w 90
Power form AC voltage V 3  380±10%
Frequency HZ 50±10%
Total CZPT capacity KVA 10
Net weight Kg 1800 1900
Overall dimension mm 2000×1100×1650 2320×1100×1650
  1. Standard configuration:  
  2. 1) Flat bed 750mm;

2) the surface contact with guideway of the CZPT itudinal,cross slide carriage sticking PTFE.
3) Frequency conversion 2 shifts(manual change shift):80-400RPM,400-2000RPM;Ordinary main motor: 5.5KW; 
4) Spindle outer cycloid pump forced lubrication;
5) Manual 3 jaw chuckφ200;
6)4 station electric tool post;
7)General tailstock;
8)lead screws/guideway auto oil lubrication;
9)double door, half-full protection;
10)Stationary electronic handwheel;
11) Work light;
12)Ordinary cooling
13)Manual iron plate;
14)GSK980TD CNC system.
4.Optional configuration:
2)1000mm  Flat bed;
3)Manual 3 jaw chuckφ250; 
4)hydraulic chuck / Rotary oil cylinder/ Hydraulic unit.