CNC H/Box Beam End Face Milli near me ng Mac Cheap hine

Product Description

    DX series end milling machine, generally can be divided into end milling machine host part and workpiece clamping table part. Users can order according to the actual situation.The machine is easy to operate, simple structure, rapid adjustment, etc., is the steel structure processing and related products production and processing of one of the necessary equipment.

DX1622 End Milling machine

Technical parameters Processing range 1600*2200mm
Machine tool dimensions 4600×1200×3740
Horizontal transmission Motor CZPT   5.5KW
Working speed 50 ~ 440mm/min
Fast retreat speed  660mm/min
Vertical transmission Motor CZPT   1.5KW (corresponding speed is 1500rpm)
Moving speed up and down 55-500 mm/min
Mill pin head Model TX32A
Motor CZPT 7.5KW (corresponding speed is 1420rpm)
Spindle speed 125-630rpm
Cutter diameter D=200mm

Introduction to the structure
Ths machine is mainly composed of horizontal drive, horizontal slide, vertical drive, vertical rotary slide, electrical control system and other five components.

1. Horizontal transmission
It consists of bed body, horizontal feed motor, reducer, horizontal drive screw and screw mother, etc. The bed is welded, annealed, roughened and finished. Its characteristics are: high strength, small deformation, reasonable structure, good technology; A rectangular guide has large carrying capacity and a V-shaped guide has high guiding accuracy.
The horizontal transmission mechanism is composed of feeding box, trapezoidal screw driving pair and bearing. The feed box motor adopts a two-speed motor, which is used for horizontal feed and horizontal CZPT -forward and CZPT -backward respectively in the milling process. The screw drive adopts the main screw driver and the main screw driver respectively to ensure the horizontal drive accuracy; At the same time, the two wires are fixed on the nut base, which is connected with the horizontal slide table, thus driving the slide table to reciprocate horizontally along the guide way.

2. Horizontal sliding table
The horizontal sliding table is mainly composed of sliding table body and guide rail protective cover. The sliding table is cast, and the bed is composed of sliding pair; Vertical mechanisms such as columns are fixed on the slide body.
The guide rail protection device USES the expansion sleeve superposition type, the sealing is good. It has a CZPT service life and a peep-hole on the fixed protective cover, which can observe the lubrication and cleanliness of the guide rail and add oil on the bed guide rail. The peephole is provided with a small cover plate. Cover the peephole well after use.

3. Vertical transmission
Vertical transmission is composed of column, transmission motor, reducer,
trapezoidal screw, screw mother, etc. The columns are welded structural parts, through welding, stress removal, mechanical cutting and other processes; It has the characteristics of good structural stability and high mechanical strength.
The vertical transmission mechanism consists of a vertical transmission motor, a reducer, and a lead screw. The screw drive adopts the main screw driver and the main screw driver respectively to ensure the transmission accuracy

4. Vertical slewing table
Vertical slewing table is mainly composed of lifting and sliding plate, rotary worm wheel and worm, standard milling head and so on. The lifting towing plate is made of gray iron and formed a sliding pair with the vertical guide rail on the column. The rotary CZPT is made of nodular iron and has the characteristics of wear resistance and high strength. It can also drive the milling head to rotate 0 ~ 45° on the lifting towing plate, thus greatly expanding its processing range. Standard milling head has reasonable structure, reliable performance, wide speed range (spindle speed is 125-630rpm), good rigidity, low noise, high efficiency, easy to operate, etc. Because of the choice of standard milling head, the difficulty of tool selection is reduced

5. CZPT ctrical control system
The electrical control system mainly consists of an electrical control box and an operating system 

Mechanical transmission system
1. Horizontal drive system
It is composed of variable speed double-speed motor directly connected reduction box, bridge gear, trapezoidal lead screw, main and auxiliary trapezoidal nut and support, etc., which drives the slide table to move forward and backward on the bed guide rail. The change of speed is realized by the function button action of working forward, CZPT forward and CZPT backward of the electrical control system. In and out are selected by a toggle switch.

2. Vertical drive system
It is composed of y-type motor directly connected reduction box, T-type screw, main and vice T-type nut and bearing, etc. CZPT the milling head to install the towing plate to move vertically on the column guide rail, and the change of its speed can be adjusted with frequency conversion by the large electrical control system, so as to realize the lifting performance of working forward, CZPT forward and CZPT backward.

3. Milling head :(with instructions)
Model: TX32A  
Use instructions and main technical performance can refer to the manual.

Electrical control system
Electrical installation and debugging instructions
Electrical maintenance instructions
Electrical schematic diagram attached.
End milling converter parameters table

No. Value No. Value
01 3 11 2
02 2 17 60
03 00 30 380
04 0011# 47 111
05 1 70 7.69
06 60 72 2
07 5 98 1011
10 1 123 1110X