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Product Description

Application Description of 6000 mm Length CNC CZPT Surface CZPT ctrical CNC Grooving Lathe CZPT for Sale
Gantry type machine, alloy steel welded structure, and whole frame stress annealed, having good rigidity and strength and durability.

machine adopts frame structure design ,50 mm high strength low alloy structure steel countertops, good integral rigidity of the machine tool.

The beams of this series is solid without moving, the work piece material can be sent by the evacuation mechanism,and as for work tables, they were make of carbon tool steel, hardness of which can be 55-60HRC (ordinary table<30HRC)after high-frequency surface hardening, which makes the work table much harder than the hardness of stainless steel, and completely solve the phenomenon of the work surface grooves appeared due to low hardness of traditional machines, to ensure the work surface flatness ≤ ± 0.03mm, completely solve the reduction of the accuracy of the V-grooves due to deformation of work table surface, prolonged the life of the equipment. Around the work table there are care feeding device to prevent scratches during processing of sheet metal.

The forward-backward knife rest (Y1 shaft) movement, up-down knife rest (Z shaft) movement, forward-backward end pressure (Y2 shaft) movement are controlled by CNC system, AC servo motor, ball screw drive. It has the advantages of high control accuracy, positioning precision.

Performance and Features
1.The HRL type CNC gantry metal sheet slotting machine is an upgrade product developed by the researchers of CZPT company on the basis of Korea gantry metal sheet slotting machine. The machine has all the properties of the traditional gantry type machine. Fully solve the CZPT er in the actual operation process encountered a series of problems. This equipment is a 4-axis full servo design, which has made a breakthrough in the products of all domestic and foreign gantry slotting machines.

2.The equipment is welded by steel plate, and the internal stress is eliminated by vibration aging. The whole machine is processed on the gantry milling machine to make the whole model more than the same products at home and abroad in strength, rigidity and stability.

3.The device adopts a platform structure, and the tool holder is processed by lateral and CZPT itudinal movement to ensure the accuracy of each part of the groove depth.

4.The equipment adopts the processing technology of three CZPT and rear forming knives, which greatly reduces the iron filings generated during processing. Compared with the traditional five knives, the precision of the processing is greatly improved. Because the five knives are processed, the bottom of the groove may generate multiple bottom lines. article.

5.The equipment adopts full pneumatic clamping, press, working CZPT , so that the processed products have no clip marks, indentation, all processing process tracking cooling blow. With an alarm device.       
6.High-speed alloy steel gear rack, large pitch ball wire rod, and high precision, mute straight guide. The spindle system is driven by high torque servo motor with imported star reducer. The tool holder is more stable and CZPT when machining the workpiece. This equipment gantry frame has adopted 6 super silent slide seat, is any similar product can not compare.

7.The high-strength plate is used as the base surface of the workbench, which makes the workpiece easy to be worn. This device has self-planing function.

8.The equipment adopts CNC numerical control. Operators are easy to learn and understand, accurate positioning. clamps, compacts all adopt the full pneumatic control. Make this machine in the idea of energy conservation and environmental protection reached a high point.
10the whole shape of the equipment is simple, generous, beautiful, adopts the frame type structure setting, accords with all kinds of technical personnel’s operation CZPT , enables the operator to be able to fully meet the production and the technical request in the work

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