CO2 Feeder Motor Manufacturer

CO2 Feeder Motor Manufacturer

ArcFeeder IV Voltage Sensing Suitcase Wire Feeder

Semi-computerized or automatic welding process
four rollers feeding generate
Wire feeder for self-shielded arcwelding
Outdoor and indoor overall performance

ArcFeeder IV Description
Our ArcFeeder IV Voltage Sensing Suitcase Wire Feeder is an All Terrain Wire Feeder Suitcase which permits you to increase your quality and productiveness by transforming your welding approach from SMAW to FCAW!

The voltage-sensing wire feeder uses the welding voltage to generate the vitality essential for controlling the wire feeder’s procedure. Ahead of welding, you just select the wanted settings for the feeder and the power source according to the welding needs, the foundation supplies, filler resources, and the shielding gas.

When you begin welding in CC, parameters can be controlled by the feeder in order to guarantee the large welding high quality.

For standard MIG/Magazine welding, the parameters’ values are managed by the electrical power resource through the control cable, but voltage-sensing engineering helps make these kinds of a manage cable amongst the electricity resource and the feeder unneeded.

Constant Existing (CC) electrical power source
The CC variety of welding device can modify the wire feeding velocity in accordance to the arc voltage.
The voltage will modify with distinct arc lengths but with slight adjust for present.

Consistent Voltage (CV) electrical power supply
The CV variety of welding machine can keep a fairly steady, constant voltage regardless of the change for present. It results in a reasonably flat volt-amp curve. The MIG/Mag welding equipment are normally CV kind machines.

Parameters and Specification

Product Suitcase  Arcfeeder IV Dimension(L*W*H) 590*220*370
Enter Electricity DC15-105V Excess weight 18kgs
Diameter Flux_cored:one.-2.0mm  gas and interior-shielded:one.six-2.0mm(two.4mm)
Charge Ouput 400A  100%
Spool  Size Φ300mm Safety Index IP23
Velocity -25m/min Insulation Class H

Attributes& Advantages

– Voltage sensing specialized wire feeder
– Entirely-enclosed molded composite metal-plastic situation
– Easy procedure, simple connection with electrical power source
– Able of Flux wire, Sound wire and Inner-shielded wire welding
– No need unique manage cable in between the electricity source and wire feeder
– Suited for CC/CV energy supply
– four-roll print motor with PWM generate
– Superb arc ignition
– Great trustworthiness
– Routinely suit the modify of welding polarity.
– Appropriate for most DC electricity supply
– Scale/Digital Meter/Lcd show parameter separately

Application Selection:
– Form of base steel:Various steel.
– Thickness of foundation metal:≥ 2mm
–  Wire diameter(mm):Flux-cored welding wire Ф1.2~Ф2. or max. two.4mm
                                         Innershield welding wire Ф1.6~Ф2. or max. 2.4mm
                                          Solid welding wire Ф1.~Ф1.6mm

CZPT Configuration:

– ArcFeeder one Unit
– Arc Voltage Sensing Lines 1 Piece (3m with sampling clamp)

Optional Configurations:

– Welding torch (MB36KD 3M)
– Cable


ArcFeeder Method Relationship Diagram:

ArcFeeder Sketch:

one TORCH SOCKET EURO design(standard outfit) PANASONIC OR other.(optional )
two VSLEAD voltage sensing direct,used for connecting voltage sensing cable.
three WFS (Wire feeding speed) Utilized for changing welding wire speed, corresponding to welding current, wire diameter and welding components.
4 WFS display utilised for wire feeding pace screen,device:mpm.
5 POLARITY indicator When DCEN is useful, POLARITY indicator is lights.
6 Energy indicator When electricity is on, Electricity indicator is lights.
seven WELDING CONNECTOR employed for connecting welding cable.
8 Inlet Utilized for link shielded gasoline tube.
9 Purge  Used to check the shielding fuel and measure the fuel flow. If presses down this switch, there is no electrical energy in wire.
ten Gasoline regulator used for protection fuel regulating,unit:LPM.
11 TORCH Maintain employed for torchhold selection,when “1”,torchhold is useful.
12 Electricity change Used for turning ON/OFF the electrical power in wire feeder. Remember to turn OFF the feeder when it is not in use.
13 CC/CV selection mode Utilised for deciding on operating mode of wire feeder. Established this switch in accordance to the electricity supply you are employing.
14 Inch  Used to travel the welding wire prior to welding. If presses it down, there is also no electrical power in wire.

ArcFeeder IV Thorough

FeederIV Application

Welding of automobile axle by matching KR350, attaining low spatter and high-speed welding welding problems: φ1.two reliable wire, combined gasoline(Ar80%+CO220%) and 260A~280A/thirty~32V welding speed: 1.5m/min.

Welding of force vessels by matching typical MMA welding conditions: φ1.two solid wire, blended gas
(Ar80%+CO220%)and 260A~280A/30~32V.

ArcFeeder Connected


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