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Product Description

Product Description


The zipper high-speed door with anti-collision derailment automatic reset function produced by CZPT CZPT , the curtain material is sturdy and durable, and the opening speed of the variable frequency motor can reach 2.5m/s. The oil-free track allows the maximum wind resistance of the door body to reach 120km/h, and the operating life Up to 1.5 million times, reducing physical wear, low maintenance rate, smooth and quiet operation.it also can be installed in food industry.

Product Parameters

Feature Details Feature Details
Self Reset accidental derailment automatic reset Windproof 6-8 level force wind,Specially CZPT izable
New Design zipper lock structure,high density High Frequency running up to million times or more
Fast CZPT speed up to 2.0m/s,servo motor Safety with infrared photoelectric,bottom safety airbag

Control System:
Industrial CZPT door special control system, fault code display, electric control box IP54 standard waterproof and dustproof.
SEPPES adopts FROG PUPIL (Germany) special servo motor for industrial CZPT doors, which has high efficiency, strong braking torque and CZPT service life. CZPT CZPT : 220V, 0.75KW, 50HZ.
Switching speed:
The maximum opening speed is 0.6 to 1.2m/S, adjustable. Closing speed: 0.6 m/S or lower adjustable.
Curtain material:
Imported French double-coated wear-resistant base cloth, thickness 1.2mm, high wear resistance coefficient.
Self-extinguishing level:
The self-extinguishing level is Class 2, and it is in accordance with the German DIN 4102; the door curtain will automatically go out within 3 CZPT s after leaving the fire source.
Frame material:
The door frame is made of Baosteel cold plate with a thickness of 2.0mm. The laser components are cut and folded and the imported plastic powder is electrostatically sprayed. It will not fade and paint for 10 years.
Sealing performance:
The track adopts a zipper-type sealing structure, which is more effective against insects and dust, and achieves the best sealing effect.
Wind resistance:
The door curtain and the door post are connected with a zipper structure, seamlessly combined, and the overall structure is more stable (Note: mold design, unique structure with noise reduction function), the maximum wind is 8 levels.
Transparent window:
The middle row window is made of thick 1.2mm thick transparent PVC, conventional 600mm window. Optional 800 type.
Installation reservation:
600mm is reserved above the door opening, on both sides: 160mm is reserved for the side without motor; 450mm is reserved for the side of motor and control box
Infrared safety protection electric eye:
There is a radio eye on the inside of the doorpost, and there is an object under the CZPT door to keep the door open; when the door is lowered, there is an object passing underneath, the door will open to the most open position, and when there is no obstacle below Then delay down.
Safety bottom device:
The bottom of the door curtain is equipped with an airbag, and the obstacle is sensed through the pressure CZPT ng system. When the bottom of the door curtain slightly touches the obstacle, the door body will immediately rise to avoid injury to people and objects.
Manual function:
For emergency measures in case of CZPT failure or failure, the door can be opened with an ordinary wrench.
Switch way:
Standard button box; optional: access control/radar induction/geomagnetic loop induction/rope switch/remote control opening, etc.
Multi-door interlock:
SEPPES zipper CZPT rolling door can be interlocked between multiple doors to maintain indoor cleanliness



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