European Standard Stee manufacturer l SMA210-490 Adjustable Motor Slide B Custom ase for 63-80 90-112etc Motor

Product Description

SMA Common Base:
Characleristics: galvanization finish, with split platesslidling, it’s convenient for bolts fixing of motors.
Application: fixing and adjustment of all series motors.

Characteristics: gavanization fnish WTH MONOPLATE SLIDNG,bending and pressing
Applcatiorne the HangZhoug and adjustment of large CZPT motors.

MB Type CZPT Pedestal:
Characteristics: welded with high quality steel, powder coating finish, with matched fixing screw ofmotors, it is much convenient for fixing and adjustment.
Application: Application: suitable for the fixing and adjustment of large,medium and small CZPT motors.

it is with unique design, beautiful appearance, steady fixing and CZPT ful weight bearing. It can be widely uesd in the fixing and adjustment of different kinds of motors.
Made of high quality steel with pressing and processing. It is with matched fixing screw of motor, much convenient for adjustment.
Application: the fixing and adjustment of different kinds of motors.