Good Quality Electric Motor Self P Cost r wholesaler iming Mud Pump

Product Description

Good Quality CZPT ctric CZPT Self Priming Mud Pump

This self priming mud pump is kind of specialized sewage disposal equipment, design with super strong anti-clogging and impurity disposal capability. Because of excellent self priming performance, this sewage pump is also widely uesd in irrigation and underground water drainage fields.


Model JT-4
Capacity 40-150m3/h
Head 3-27m
Rotation CZPT 750-2150rpm
Power 2-40HP
Inlet&Outlet Dia. 100mm
Max.Pass Solids Dia. 76mm
Max. Suction CZPT 7.6m


1.High and Dry mounting for CZPT and easy services
 JT series are self-priming centrifugal pump , they can be mounted on high and dry at floor level ,with only the suction line down in the liquid . Service or maintenance can be performed quickly and simply with common hand tools and without having to pull the pump . There are no CZPT drive shafts to install and align . no hoists or cranes required , and no need for service personnel to enter the pump.
2. Clogging is kept to a minimum ,so downtime is virtually eliminated 
Solids handling pump is designed for virtually clog-free performance,will handle spherical solids up to 3 inch ( 76mm ) in diameter and allow solids to pass through the entire pump , not just the impeller . If a clog does occur ,it can be eliminated quickly and easily by opening the cover plate, removing the clog ,and returning the pump to normal operation ,all in just a few minutes’ time .
3.Service is simple , CZPT and economical
The removable cover plate allows for convenient inspection or service of the impeller ,seal and wear-plate , with no special tools required . If the pump shaft or bearing need service , the entire rotating assembly can be removed without disturbing the pump casing or piping . plus , the rotating assembly is sealed with an O-ring which permits external clearance adjustments .
4.Automatic priming means dependable performance
Require very little attention , resulting in significant savings of maintenance time and money , Properly applied and installed , and after an initial priming , will continue to reprime automatically . Our JT series pumps will reprime with only a partially filled pump casing and a completely dry suction line .

1.Sewage collection or discharge in residential community
2.Centralized and staged disposal in sewage treatment plant
3.Seriously polluted water discharge
4.Agriculture irrigation
5.Municipal CZPT , Wastewater treatment, constructional CZPT .
6.Sewage discharge in hospital and hotel, etc.

Our Service
Our Professional senior service engineer to provide CZPT ers with design plans and consultant, which avoids the unnecessary loss caused by improper operation of CZPT ers to the largest extent.
Our highly professional service staff continuously provides tracking service, giving instruction to installation, explicating the operation main points and cautions in order to ensure the efficient operation of the product and reduce the breakdowns caused by improper operation of CZPT ers to the largest extent.
We will check the CZPT ers’ usage of pump regular positively in order to correct the improper operation of CZPT ers in time, carry through the guidance of maintenance in time.

1.Q:How CZPT is the deliver time?  
    A:For the order in stock, we will deliver goods at once against payment. For the orders out of stock, the products time is 7 days for bare pump, 25 days for electric pump set or diesel  engine pump set, the deliver time is base on the shipping date and your order by sea
2.Q:What about the package?  
   A:Standard Plywood Case
3.Q:How is the pump delivered to us?  
  A:For small order will be delivered by internation express, like DHL,TNT,FEDEX,UPS.
     For large order, it will be delivered by air, sea, vehicle or multi- modal transport.
4.Q:How CZPT is the warranty?  
   A:According to the internation standards, pump is standard operation is 1 year, 3 months for spare parts.

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