Great Per Custom formance PVC Fab Cost ric High Speed Shutter Door

Product Description

Great Performance PVC Fabric CZPT CZPT Shutter Door

Hong Fa PVC high speed doors maximize energy savings by minimizing the amount of air exchange that can escape each time the doors open and close. Unlike traditional hard bi-parting doors, flexible door and other roll-up doors have the ability to withstand forklift impact and snap right back into their tracks. This is a huge benefit in a warehouse space, where damaged doors can mean significant expenses in terms of downtime and service calls, as well as energy loss.



1. CZPT speed opening and closing
The running speed can reach 2m/s, 10 times as traditional roller shutter door. This obviously improves passing efficiency through it and enhances overall output.
2. CZPT frequency operation
The operation frequency can reach more than 1000 times per day without any faults. This meets need of heavy traffic in some areas.
3. CZPT -level automation
Automatic radar or other devices can be equipped, realizing auto control of the oor. This enhances automation level and work efficiency.
4. Excellent safety performance 

Dual protection design. CZPT y door is equipped with safety photo sensor and proximity sensor, avoiding collision accidents and protecting passing human or vehicles

5. Effective insulation
Benefiting from CZPT opening and closing, it can reduce the air flow between indoor and outdoor and prevent dust from entering the room. At the same time, energy is saved by reducing thermal conduction.

6. Complying with Food-grade and GMP norm
Special design seal structure. PVC fabric is dust-proof and easy for cleaning.                        
7. Multiple safety protection
Safety photo sensor. When there is human or vehicle under the door, the door will stop closing and get up automatically. This will avoid accident collisions.

8. Convenient daily operation
Standard: Operation buttons of both outside and inside. 


Different and abundant of the door fabric curtain  colors for you reference:


Product role:

  1. -Fire rating: German standard MZD/NBL is difficult to burn.
  2. -Use temperature: -10 ° C +70 ° C / super cold resistant area -40 ° C.
  3. -Transparent window: PVC transparent soft board, material thickness 1.50mm, increased safety and management convenience, with a transparent transparent window.
  4. -Wind resistance: 25m/s with aluminum alloy windproof strip.
  5. -Sealing performance: The bottom is equipped with a flexible PVC base fabric that fits snugly against uneven ground. The door frame slide is equipped with a sealing brush to reduce noise and increase dust and insect proof.


Product details:

Door material The door frame material is 2.0mm thick cold-rolled steel plate structure, which is processed by hemming processing and high-quality baking paint process, and the color can be selected.
Power performance Special brake brake motor, CZPT 0.55-1.5KW, CZPT supply 220V/380V, brake voltage 220V.
Control system Microcomputer variable frequency control electric box.
Opening speed 1.5-0.8m/s (frequency conversion adjustable speed)
Curtain material High-density PVC coated hot-melt fabric, material thickness 1.0mm-1.2mm, multi-color optional.


Advantages: (Please see as the following pictures)

-1.Radar induction: induction height of 4 meters, adjustable CZPT tivity, adjustable CZPT ng diatance

-2. Servo motor: samll size, low noise, light weight, high strength, CZPT speed, smooth operation, safe and stable, precise control

-3. Servo control box: Microcomputer control system, can be displayed in English, and all the door operation parameters.

-4 Safe optoelectronics: the lower part of the door to install the infrared protection switch (South Korea CZPT nics), the door under the people and animals, the door immedistely open

-5. Material:french industrial polyester fiber fabric, high strength CZPT polyester fiber, double-sided ethylene coating

-6. Anti-wind bar: polyester fiber base cloth connected parts with steel pipe or aluminum alloy wind to enhance the wind effect.

-7. CZPT steel material: corrosion resistance, formability, compatibility, strength and toughness and so on


Our certificates:

–Advanced technology and workmanship

Packing and logistic

Our CZPT ers



Q1. How many workers in the factory?
A: We have more than 50 workers.
Q2. What`s the monthly capacity?
A: Our capacity is 100set per month.
Q3. What`s the standard of the material quality?
A: Our doors can pass ce,SGS,iso9001.
Q4. The high speed door size can be CZPT erized?
A: Yes,just send us the size you prefer.
Q5. Can I have a sample for quality check?
A: Yes, we can provide sample.
Q6. What is the minimum quantity for each order?
A: Normally 1set,but we also support a small quantity if you can accept a higher price.
Q7. What is the production time ?
A: Normally it is 7days,depending on how many orders before you.
Q8. What is the payment term?
A: Our payment term are T/T and L/C at sight.
Q9. How do you gurantee the quality?
A: Our product is guaranteed for one year, and any quality problems during this period are supported by free maintenance. Of course, the rate of maintenance is below 1%.

If you are interested in CZPT products, please kindly contact me.