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Product Description



Product Description

1. Product introduction and usage

    The feed axis of this vmc850 milling machine is controlled by X, Y, Z three coordinates, and the three axes are driven by servo motors, which can achieve one-time clamping of complex parts such as CZPT disks, plates, shells, cams, and molds to complete drilling. , Milling, boring, expanding, reaming, tapping and other processes, suitable for the production of multi-variety, small and medium batch parts, and can show its superiority for the processing of complex and high-precision parts.

2. Main structural features

   Three-axis adopts linear slide rail, which has high rigidity, high positioning accuracy, low noise and low friction characteristics, which can make high-speed displacement and achieve the best circular tracking accuracy;

   The main structure castings are made of high-quality cast iron, with stable organization and permanent quality assurance;

   The castings are calculated and analyzed by computer based on finite element analysis method. The reasonable structure strength and the combination of reinforcing ribs provide high mechanical rigidity;

   The ultra-wide base and column are all box-shaped structures, the saddle is widened and lengthened, and the heavy load is fully supported. The structure is solid, which can ensure the heavy load capacity during processing;

   In the spindle head, the ribs and bones are strengthened, and the ratio of the contact length between the spindle head and the column is appropriate to provide a stable support for the spindle;

   The machine is equipped with an anti-collision device, which can absorb the vibration caused by the impact caused by the worker’s operation error, so as to minimize the damage of the impact and ensure the original accuracy;

   The machine adopts oil-water separation design, which can effectively separate the lubricating oil from the cutting fluid and prevent the cutting fluid from deteriorating due to mixing and affecting the processing quality;

   The machine adopts ZheJiang ‘s high-precision, high-rigidity and high-precision spindle. The belt-type spindle has strong rigidity and high reliability, and the direct-coupled spindle is high-speed, high-efficiency, high-precision, low noise, and low vibration, which fully meets the needs of users;

Our Advantages

VMC640/850/1050/1060/1165/1270/1370/1380/1580/1890 is the X, Y, Z three-axis servo direct-coupled semi-closed-loop control vertical machining center, which is a kind of “human”-shaped structure. Performance vertical machining center. Taking into account the characteristics of CZPT d technology and efficient production, the performance and price ratio are high.

The overall structure of the machine tool: adopts a mobile worktable structure. The main components adopt high-grade HT300), aging-treated cast iron, which has good rigidity and high precision retention. The main components of the machine tool adopt a box + honeycomb structure, which makes the machine tool have the characteristics of good thermal characteristics, good stability, high rigidity, high precision and low vibration.

Spindle and spindle servo motor: adopt ZheJiang -produced high-precision, high-strength spindle unit, the spindle speed can reach 12000rpm. The spindle shaft diameter is 120/140/150, adopts 4+2 bearing structure to ensure the high precision and high rigidity of the spindle unit, 7.5/11Kw, dual winding structure servo spindle motor, to ensure constant torque output in the low speed zone, suitable for steel parts and CZPT cutting of ferrous metals. Constant CZPT output in high-speed zone, suitable for high-efficiency processing of CZPT -ferrous metals.

Three-axis drive: XYZ three-axis are 45mm heavy-duty roller linear guides, which have large load, wide span, high precision and strong rigidity. It is driven by pre-stretched precision ball screw, high-power servo motor and smooth high-gain amplifier. Achieve high-speed, high-precision drive, specific and good dynamic stability. The XYZ axis can move quickly up to 48m/min.

Tool magazine: The tool magazine holds 24 knives. The handle and Latin adopt the national BT40 standard. The use of a manipulator disc tool magazine ensures accurate tool change, short time and high efficiency. After millions of running tests, it meets the reliability requirements. The manipulator has a damping structure, which can reduce the impact during movement and ensure the service life of the tool magazine. CZPT drive, easy to use. Cooperating with the system’s M code command, it has the shortest path tool search function.

Protection of lead screw and linear guide: X, Y, Z three direction guide rails, lead screw protective cover adopts a large inclination mountain-shaped protection design, cutting fluid and chips are discharged smoothly, to ensure the cleanliness of the lead screw and the machine tool Transmission accuracy and service life.

The lubrication of the machine tool: CZPT ctronic timing forced lubrication is adopted, and each lubrication point is lubricated by a positive displacement oil separator to ensure that the lubrication point is evenly distributed in the distance.

 Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis.nized design: All pneumatic components and lubricating parts are centrally arranged on the right rear of the machine tool, which is convenient for adjustment and maintenance. The rotatable operation panel conforms to the principle of human structure and is closer to the workpiece to be processed. It is easy to operate and reduces the preparation time for processing. The fully enclosed protective cover can more effectively prevent the overflow of chips and cutting fluid. Protect the working environment from pollution. The oil-water separation device can separate most of the collected lubricating oil from the coolant to prevent the coolant from deteriorating, which is conducive to environmental protection.

System configuration: The CNC system has internationally accepted G codes and M codes. Implementation of international standards, complete numerical control functions, convenient operation, stable performance and higher efficiency.

Product Parameters


Item Unit Specifications
operating system set FANUC 0IMF
  Number of control servo axes axis 3 axis


Work table size mm 1000×600
  Work table load kg 600
  T-slot of worktable (number-size×spacing) mm 4-18×130


Left and right stroke (X) mm 800
  Back and forth stroke (Y) mm 500
  Up and down stroke (Z) mm 520


Spindle taper hole (specification/installation size) mm BT40
  Spindle speed rpm 0-12000rpm
  Spindle drive mode   Direct
  Distance from spindle center to column guide rail (suitable for vertical machines) mm 500
  Distance from spindle end surface to table surface mm 100-640
Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis.way


X/Y/Z axis roller screw specifications   4012/4012/4012
  X-axis guide/line guide specification   Sliding roller linear guideway
  Y-axis guide/line guide specification   Sliding roller linear guideway
  Z-axis guide/line guide specification   Sliding roller linear guideway


X.Y.Z motor connection mode   Direct
  Spindle motor parameters (power) kw 7.5/11
  X.Y.Z axis motor parameters (power) kw 2,2,3
  Spindle cooler capacity (gear type/750)   250
  Processing cooling pump horsepower w 450W
X. Y. Z axis processing speed m/min 16,16,16
  X.Y.Z axis rapid feedrate moving speed m/min 48,48,48
Power supply/air pressure
Air source kg/cm² 6kg/cm²
  Power requirement kva 20KVA
Machine accuracy
positioning accuracy mm ±0.005/300
  Repeatability mm ±0.005/300
Machine specifications Net weight of machine tool T 4.5T
  Floor area of machine tool (length*width*height) mm 2800*2500*2550

Packaging & CZPT

Packing :Standard export packing 
Shipping : 45-60days after downpayment 


1. Are you manufacturer? If yes, in which city?
Yes, CZPT factory located Qiaotou district ,Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis.uan city. Warmly welcome your visiting. Please kindly tell me your schedule before you come here, we will prepare to pick you up.

2. What is the warranty for the products ?
All CZPT products have 12 months warranty,control system 24months

3. what is your delivery date?
The product delivery date is about 30-45days after receipt of payment .

4. How to control the quality?
Compare and source the competitive 1st hand raw material
Inspection start from raw material sourcing and along the manufacturing
Stick check before shipment and safe packing

5. How do you make sure the price competitive based on the same quality?
Own factory assembly lines
First hand raw material sourcing
More than 13year manufacturing experience