Kids Shake Cheap Rider Amusement Park supplier Outdoor Playground Equipment Motor Bike Spring Rider

Product Description

Product Description

1.Model No: WD-BY003


3. User age: 3-12year

4. Certification: GS,TUV,NSCC,ISO9001,14001,18001 etc.

Product Name

Kids Shake Rider Amusement Park Outdoor Playground Equipment CZPT Bike CZPT Rider

Main Material

Plastic parts: CZPT density polyethylene (HDPE)





Delivery Time

For one 20GP 10-15 days, for one 40GP 20-25 days.

User age



1year Free warranty and lifetime maintenance

During the year, owing to natural damage, which appear in the using process and is not maliciously man-made destruction. 

Our company will provide the corresponding components free of charge; 

Beyond one year, for replaced parts, components need to charge at cost.

Noted: All the fees of freight are in buyer’s account.


Outdoor playground incorporated the elements of lovely puppets and animals which are easily accepted by children as friends. The overall design is full of magic CZPT just like fairy tales, which attracts children to enter the magic world and inspires their curiosity. During their exploration, their psychological need of adventures will be satisfied. They will build their sense of achievements and self confidence through successfully exploring the unknown environment.

1. Where is your production base?

Our production base is located in the city HangZhou HangZhou, which has convenient transportation, pleasant scenery.

2. How about the rope net?

a. We adopt navigation special cable, 6-strand CZPT steel cores. b. The size of net mesh is 180*180mm and it can be adjusted.

3. What is the expected useful life of your products and what type of maintenance do you require?

The useful life of CZPT products is calculated in at least 5 years. The maintenance they require is minimal: it is recommended to check bimonthly that all parts are tight and that no piece of hardware is needed.

4. Do you make CZPT projects / can I choose colors or accessories?

Yes, thanks to CZPT modular system we offer CZPT ized projects both in color and accessories, whether we base CZPT selves on an existing model or design one from sketch, we will always have the perfect solution.

If you have another question, pls feel free to contact us.