Low Price Metal CNC manufacturer Milling Mach supplier ine and Machine Center Vmc650

Product Description

 Structural performance of machine tool
1. Fuselage design
The fuselage and saddle are reinforced by mountain shaped ribs, with the shortest force streamline, ensuring the best rigidity of the fuselage.
Based on the excellent CZPT design, the stiffeners of the base and column of the machining center can resist the torsion and damping, and transfer the cutting vibration to CZPT
Cutting area. The column is designed with torque tube, which can provide excellent rigidity, bending and torsion resistance CZPT wide base design,
At the same time, lower the center of gravity of the base and adjust the center of gravity of the machine tool to the best stable height. The span at the bottom of the column is widened to improve the stability of the machine tool.
2. spindle head
The contact length ratio between the main shaft and the column is appropriate to provide stable support for the main shaft. Independent cooling system is built in the spindle head to stabilize the spindle continuously
The head heat is in a reasonable range, which reduces the thermal extension of the spindle and ensures the machining accuracy.

3. counterweight
In response to the processing requirements of different models, the following counterweight methods are adopted:
Counterweight: low failure rate and CZPT service life;
Nitrogen counterweight: rapid action, no noise, greatly improved processing accuracy, increased machine life;
No counterweight: in order to meet the requirements of high speed and high CZPT tivity processing, the machine tool adopts the method of no counterweight, and enhances the requirements of servo motor and screw,
Z-axis with brake, to ensure the accuracy of the machine tool is stable and lasting, and increase the service life.
4. screw rod
It adopts imported grinding level pre drawn double nut screw rod to eliminate reverse clearance. After heat treatment, it has high rigidity, wear resistance, torsion resistance and CZPT service life, which guarantees high machining accuracy of the machine.
5. AC servo motor
Adopt original imported from Japan, super high performance servo motor, provide stronger CZPT when heavy cutting.
In the case of low feed, high torque can still be maintained.
Higher than 10000 (pixel) resolution and closed-loop position feedback ensure high accuracy.
High quality coupling ensures that the screw rod moves with the axis of the motor.
6. CZPT system
The whole machine adopts a positive displacement lubrication system and a de pressurized oil pump, with stable pressure and flow, which effectively transports the oil to each lubrication point and provides uniform forced lubrication for each slide surface, so as to ensure the accuracy and service life of the machine tool.
7.Chip remover system

Item unit TAT-650
operating range
X-axis travel (left and right)   mm 600
Y-axis travel (front and rear)   mm 500
Z-axis travel (up and down)    mm 500
Distance from worktable to spindle end face mm 110-610
Distance from the CZPT end of column to the center of main shaft


Table area (L * W) mm 500*800
maximum load kg 600
T-groove (width * spacing * number of grooves) mm 3*18*144
X / Y / Z axis rapid feed m/min 10m/min
Spindle specification
Spindle speed rpm 10000
Taper hole form and installation size kg BT40∮140(external diameter)
Transmission mode (1:1) mm Belt
Recommended motor parameters for spindle kW 7.5
Accuracy (x / Y / z)
positioning accuracy mm ±0.003/300
Repeated positioning accuracy mm ±0.003/300
Other information
Three axis CZPT kw 2*2*2
system   FANUC OI-MF
Tool magazine T 60

Machine size floor space                              
(L * w*h)
mm 2700*2400*2500
Pressure source kg/cm² 5.5
Power capacity Kva 20
machine weight kg 5500