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Product Description

DAS DS-20Z Torno CNC CZPT CZPT CZPT CZPT matic CZPT ulic Swiss cnc lathe CZPT  

Product Description

-The base of machine tool is integrally cast with resin sand, its features strong shock vibration resistance and less defor mation.Ensuring the high rigidity and high precision of the machine tool. Widely applied in processing of CZPT axis co mponents for electronics, telecommunication, facsiHangZhou machine and printer etc.

-The machine tool control system use ZheJiang SYNTEC system(other brand systems can be chosen).
 Renowned electric appliances such as vaskawa driver, servo motor and inverter as well as other world CZPT brands are used.

-Drive part of machine tool use ZheJiang CZPT brand HIWIN/PMI high precision P3 class ball bearing screw and high speed linear slide rail.

-Automatic intermitent lubricating system is used, with intermision time controllable by the system.



Max.Swing Diameter(mm)


Max.Spindle CZPT (rpm)


Spinle Travel(mm)


Min. Divisions(°)


Gang Type CZPT tity(pcs)


Gang Handle Parameter(mm)


Spindle Diameter(mm)


Max. Drilling Diameter CZPT (mm)


Max.Tapping Diameter CZPT (mm)


Radial CZPT Tools CZPT tity(pcs)


Radial CZPT Tools CZPT . CZPT (r/min)


Max.Drilling Diameter Radial(mm) Φ8
Max.Tapping Diameter Radial(mm)


Max. Saw Blade Milling Cutter Diameter Radial(mm)


Coolant Tank Capacity(L) 100
Middle of Spindle to Ground Height(mm) 1050
Machine CZPT (kw) 7

Net CZPT ght(kg)


Machine Dimensions(L*W*H)



1. CZPT tool control system uses ZheJiang SYNTEC 6TA-T3S system. CZPT Brand including GSK,Fanuc,Siemens are OK!

2. CZPT body is cast in one piece. The lathe bed tilts by 45°and the inclined placement of lathe carriage.

3.ZheJiang ‘s high-precision spindle, comprising Japan NSK precise bearings; three-jaw hydraulic chuck or other elastic clamp can be directly fitted on the main shaft flange.

4.The drive part of machine tool uses HIWIN/PMI high precision P3 class ball bearing screw and high speed linear slide rail.

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     Our major products include CNC series gang tool type lathes , turret lathes, take heart-type lathes and milling-type lathes, featuring space saving, low cost and diversified arrangement etc.

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