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Product Description

Name: Masterbatch Granulator, Carbon Black CZPT -Batch Granulator, Carbon Black CZPT batch Granulator, Carbon Black Color CZPT batch Granulator.

Model: CX150


Mixer: generally consists of the mixing chamber, the relative rotation of the two rotors, ram, ram down, temperature measurement system, heating and cooling systems, exhaust systems, safety devices, the discharge device and a recording device components. CZPT cal rotor surface projecting ribs, the number of ribs of the two edges, rectangular, hexagonal, etc., the rotor has a triangular cross-section geometry, cylindrical or oval-shaped three, there are tangential and intermeshing categories . By a thermocouple temperature measurement system is composed primarily used to determine the mixing process of mixing the indoor temperature changes; heating and cooling system is mainly to control the temperature of the rotor and the chamber wall surface of the mixing chamber.
Automatic dump hoist:
1, feeding the motor
2, limit switch upper and lower limit, specifically optimized arc slide design, smooth and reliable transport.
3, lifting hopper of stainless steel, each pot CZPT s quantity 250kg / pot.
4, kneading machine kneading dough material after delivery to the double cone feeder.
5. CZPT Control System To move to next control mixer
Cone double feeder:
1 ,. AC motor speed control system uses a frequency converter;
2, feed screw: twin screw forcibly cutting, chrome nitride, surface finish, running direction of the screw-rotation;
3, feeding the body: the inner surface of the polished, chrome plated, durable;
4, feed hopper: the inner surface of polished, chrome plated, durable;
5, push-pull, easy to clean. Cone double bed base and connected to the locking screw
6. The double-cone twin screw feeder and connecting rod Harvard architecture
Twin-screw unit structure
1) reduction and torque distribution part into one, compact structure;
2) radial bearings Needle roller bearings, bearing reducer torque distribution system
3) gear of high quality alloy materials, precision manufacturing precision press ISO1328-1995 cylindrical gear, the gear used in all carburizing hardened. Using special software for gears grinding teeth dressing tooth profile to ensure the strength of the gear teeth to load uniform, high strength, low noise, low vibration;
1) CZPT the modular structure;
2) Mandrel Material: 40CrNiMoA, screw elements and shafts of involute coupling; high strength, load bearing large, easy disassembly and assembly;
3) threaded element made of high-speed tool steel W6MO5CR4V2, high-temperature vacuum hardening heat treatment;
4) the overall hardness: HRC60-64;
5) of the screw head, and the cap is coupled to the anti-tooth connection, make sure the coupling tight.
III. Barrel
1) Material: 45 # steel as substrate, ∞ hole made of high quality alloy double liner;
2) The first section of the feed cylinder barrel, sect cylinder exhaust natural body, sect vacuum cylinder to cylinder
Closed for the rest of the cylinder barrel;
3) the cylinder using soft water cooling;
4) between the cylinder using hex bolt connection.
5) heating section: unheated feed zone, other high-quality cast aluminum heater.
IV. Soft water cooling system
1) cooling water pump CZPT
2) hoses and body separation, easy cleaning and maintenance;
3) automatic water control valve, needle valve control;
4) 0.55m3 Cooler: ZheJiang .
V. vacuum system:
1) the vacuum pump;
2) vacuum tank made of stainless steel;
3) independent external, easy to clean maintenance
VI. Changer system
1) hydraulic blocking automatic changer: duplex; with two perforated plate; includes changer, hydraulic station, hydraulic cylinders and the like.

Service of us 

The production of all products are follow ISO9001:2008 organization system, from raw material processing to assembe and finally test running. even the packing, and delivery. Also we track the use of machine,installation, products producing technical ect.

All we do is for CZPT term cooperation , ” CREATE TURST” !