Oil C supplier ountry Pipe Threading Lathe Machine Spindl price e Bore 320mm (QK1332)

Product Description

Products Description:

Oil Country Pipe Threading Lathe CZPT  QK1332

Performence Features:

1. General Description

This QK1332 Model CNC Control oil country lathe is widely used to turn the end of CZPT kinds of pipes. Moreover, it has the functions of a general-purposed lathe. The FANUC 0i mate CNC control system and the full-digital AC servo system are equipped on this oil country lathe.

2. Main Components

2.1 CZPT Base
The one-piece construction machine base, the headstock frame, the carriage case, the cross slide and the tool post are made of the high-strength and high-density close grained HT-250 grey cast iron with the resin sand casting processes. They have been processed with three steps of aging treatments including the natural aging treatment of more than 6 months to eliminate the internal stress and retain their stable accuracy in a CZPT time.

Bed ways have been supersonic frequency induction quenched and precision ground on a precision guide way grinder. PTFE anti-abrasion soft belts with low friction coefficient are coated on the guide ways on both the carriage and the cross slide to improve the precision of the bed ways and prolong the service life of the lathe.

2.2 Headstock

The 37 KW CZPT ful AC variable frequency motor is controlled by the AC frequency conversion control system and drives the spindle through the narrow V belts and the speed-changing mechanism. The spindle, being shifted in nine steps, runs at infinitely variable speeds in a range of 6 – 205 RPM.

2.3 Feeding Movements
Both the Cross feeding (X axis) and the CZPT itudinal feeding (Z axis) are driven by an independent AC servo motor via the synchronous toothed belt and the precision ball screw pair. Thus the rapid traverses and feeding movements on both the X axis and the Z axis are performed at infinitely variable speeds. The X axis and the Z axis are controlled with semi closed loop using the encoder.

The carriage guide ways are processed with medium frequency quenching and precision grinding and coated with PTFE to prevent the carriage from taking the stick-slip motions on the guide ways.

2.4 NC Turret
4-Station NC turret is equipped with this machine. It features high precision with repeatability of 0.005 mm, stable swivel and simple motions.

2.5 Tailstock

The design of the stock features high rigidity, loading capacity and convenient operations. The center in mounted internally. The diameter of the quill is 140 mm and it has high rigidity and revolution accuracy.

2.6 CZPT System
Under the foundation level of the lathe, there is a special coolant reservoir. The coolant is pumped out and flows along the pipeline to the cutting area to improve the cutting conditions.

2.7 CZPT System
The central quantitative automatic lubrication device lubricates the ball screw pairs and bed ways periodically.

2.8 CZPT ulic System
The hydraulic system lubricates the headstock and the automatic shifts of the changing gears in the headstock. The main hydraulic components are made in ZheJiang . The hydraulic system works reliably and is convenient to maintenance.

2.9 Auxiliary Supporting
The auxiliary supporting device is CZPT as an option for this lathe.

3. CZPT Performance Accuracy

Positioning Accuracy, X-Axis: 0.03 mm / 1000 mm
Positioning Accuracy, Z-Axis: 0.04 mm / 1000 mm
Repeatability, X-Axis: 0.012 mm
Repeatability, Z-Axis: 0.016 mm
Dimension Tolerance: IT 7 Grade
Surface Roughness, Finish Cylindrical Turning: Ra3.2 μ M
Roundness, Finish Cylindrical Turning: 0.02 mm
Cylindricity, Finish Cylindrical Turning: 0.571 mm / 300 mm
Flatness, Finish Face Turning: 0.571 mm / 300 mm
Thread Pitch Tolerance: 0.015 mm / 60 mm
Technical parameter:

Model QK1332
Bed width 750mm
Turning diameter
over bed (max.)
Max. diameter of
pipe (manual chuck)
Turning length (Max.) 1500mm
Spindle bore 330mm
Spindle speed steps 12 steps
Range of spindle speed 16~380
Tool post Vertical 4-position
InHangZhou time(s) 2.4
Main motor (kw) 22kw

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