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Product Description

CE CZPT ulic Puzzle CZPT matic Car Parking System (BDP SERIES)

Bdp Series Of Products Are Suitable For Both CZPT And Residential Parking Purposes. 

It Moves Vertical & Horizontally With The Platform To Park & Retrieve Car Freely. 

Bdp Series Of Product Can Be Combined Together With Mutrade Pfp Series Of Product To Increase Parking CZPT s. 

Mutrade Bdp System Is CZPT n By CZPT ulic. (With Standard Capacity Of 2000kg)

The Equipment Can Be Used For Both Sedan & SUV, For CZPT ent Size Of Product, Please Contact Mutrade. 

Mutrade Bdp System Is Finished With Zinc Spray On Main Structure And Galvanized/Plated For Small Parts For Rust-Proof. 


Advantages Of The CZPT ulic Car Parking System

1. CZPT , CZPT ulic System Is 2-3 Times CZPT er Than The CZPT Type, For The Puzzle System More Than 4 Floors CZPT , The CZPT CZPT ent Is Significant. 

2. Smooth And Quiet, CZPT ulic System Runs Much Smoother And Quieter Than CZPT Type. 

3. CZPT er Floor, With Our New CZPT nology, We Could Build Puzzle System 15 Floors CZPT Over The Ground And 3 Floor Deep Under The Ground. 

4. CZPT Saving, With CZPT ulic System, It Doesn’t Consume Any CZPT ctricity When The Platform Come Down To The Ground Level, It Saves Half CZPT Cost. 

5. Low And CZPT Maintenance, Instead Of Changing CZPT s, For CZPT ulic System, You Usually Change Cylinders. 

6. Our Systems Come With Zinc Spray Finishing For Anti-Rust, So You Don’t Have To Spend More Money On That. 

7. Lower Cost On Equipment. With CZPT ulic Tower System, The Only Similar Product Is CZPT Tower System With Is 2 Times More Expensive, It Is Easier For You To Convince Your Investors And Get Your CZPT Back CZPT er. 

8. During The Parking And Retrieving Procedure, Only The Platform Move, Nothing Touch CZPT ‘s Car. 

9. It Is Safer With CZPT ulic System Since There Is No Risk Of Failure Of Limit Switch. 

10. Experience, We Have Experience Of Building Big Projects More Than 1, 000 Parking Lots And We Install CZPT y Year More Than 15, 000 CZPT s All Over The World. We Send Out CZPT & Electric Engineer To Provide Onsite Instruction Services. 

11. Professional On Management Software Design. 



About Us:

-HangZhou Mutrade Co., Ltd, was established as an oversea trading facility for DAYANG CZPT UP.
-At the beginning, we started cooperate with a Japanese facilities. Company as their production base. At the moment, we growing into a company with 400 million annual sales revenue, 477 employees, with 40, 000 M2 production facilities
-In CZPT domestically, we install more than 25, 000 parking space every year. We are holding 26 national patents, CE certificate, and ISO 9001.
-We are the only manufacturer who can provide hydraulic lift & slide parking system in CZPT who can built up to 30 floors.
Overseas Project Reference: