Roller Wheel, price Universal Wheel for Industrial Mach factory inery

Product Description

Ball Transfer Units Application:

Widely used for hardware, machinery, chemicals,electronics, food, timber, mining, books, supermarkets, rubber and other industries. Are widely used in transmission systems, feed system, processing system, processing machinery and packaging machinery ancillary equipment.

Plastic bag and carton box.
Can be made refer to clients’ demand


Ball roller is a transmission device used in automatic production line on conveyor belt, which is a very important metal part of automatic production line.
The steel ball roller is made of integral stainless steel, which is exposed to the air, and the automatic operation of the assembly line will not rust, so the conveying products move on the assembly line. It is a subsidiary product of the automatic production line. The high-precision ball roller has very standard precision, and it is easy to replace if it is damaged. The ball roller on the automatic production line is generally JIS standard.


Equipment structure of slide rail cold rolling forming machine
1. Rack:
The whole structure is adopted, that is, the rolling part, the straightening part and the cutting fixed length part are a whole. After welding, normalize and finish the plane to ensure the strength, rigidity, stability and accuracy of the equipment. Necessary surface treatment, such as electroplating, blackening and quenching, shall be carried out for the parts of the equipment according to the actual working conditions and working environment, so as to ensure that the parts have sufficient strength and surface function;
2. Feeding guide mechanism: adjusting guide wheel;
3. Roll forming part:
Forming roller: material Cr12MoV, vacuum heat treatment, twice tempering, hardness hrc58-60, hole diameter (roller shaft diameter) of φ 45, the minimum outer diameter of roller of φ 110;
4. Transmission mechanism:Main motor frequency control;
The driving wheel is driven by three side belt, and the gear is used between the rollers. The center distance is a = 90, the reduction ratio is I = 30, the worm CZPT (to ensure the transmission synchronization) and the gear module is m = 5. The main side plate is 53mm thick, and the auxiliary side plate is 33mm thick. It is made by grinding six sides and boring;
The spindle material is 40Cr, which is made by machining, heat treatment, tempering and fine grinding;
The active side is equipped with two sets of tapered bearings 35718 (adjust the radial runout of the spindle within 0.03mm), and the passive side is equipped with one set of 6208;
5. CZPT ulic cut-off system:
Oil pressure system: the system has unloading protection function, oil cylinder 45t, hydraulic components;
Mold base: the closed height of the mold is 260mm, and the maximum stroke of the oil cylinder is 100mm;
There is a linear guide rail at the bottom of the mold base, and the return of the mold base is driven by a buffer cylinder;
6. Straightening: five wheel straightening mechanism is adopted;
7. Discharge: the product is exported from the guide groove;
8. CZPT circulation system: the roller is equipped with cooling pipe, cooled by electric water pump, and the cooling medium is emulsified oil.


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