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Product Description

Rubber cracker

1. Feature and Structure

This is a double roll rubber-mixing machine. It consists of motor, gear-down reducer, driving gears, speed-ratio gears, CZPT and back rolls, bearings, frame, cover, bed plate, adjusting pin device, emergency stop device, roll temperature adjusting device, lubricating device and material plate, etc.

Front and back rolls are parallel mounted in the bearing of frame. By means of reducer, driving gears, speed ratio gears, the motor drives the CZPT and back rolls rotate toward each other so that rubber-cracking is begun. The rolls are made from chilled cast alloy iron; The inner of it is hollow. Steam and cooling water can pass through them so that the surface temperature can be adjusted. Its surface possesses higher hardness and fineness.

Roller bearing, copper bushing is fixed in the bearing base of frame. Back roll bearing bases are fixed up on frame, and the CZPT roll-bearing base can slide in the guide-rail of frame.

Roll spacing adjusting is carried out by means of the reverse of hand wheel makes the thread rod drive CZPT bearing base movement. The roll pin reduces when the hand wheel rotates clockwise, otherwise it will increase.

The emergency stopping device is mounted in the frame. In abnormal situation, pulling the rod, via dynamic, the machine is stopped immediately.

Adjusting temperature device is two spray pipes with numeral rows of holes, extend the two pipes into the hollow roll, the holes are in the position of working section of the roll. The position of holes slants to 30 degree inner direction so that the spraying water and steam is directed at contacting angle of sizing material, this can control the surface temperature of roll.



Technical parameter

Front roll diameter(mm) 400 450 560
Rear roll diameter(mm) 400(Groove roller) 450(Groove roller) 510(Groove roller)
Working length of rolls(mm) 600 650 800
Front roll surface speed(m/min) 17.32 23.2 24.56
Friction ratio 1: 1.38 1: 1.38 1: 1.30
Max. nip(mm0 8 8 15
Motor CZPT 45 55 75
Overall dimension: length× Width× Height(mm) 3950× 1800× 1780 4770× 1846× 1835 5064× 2284× 1978