sales Fiberglass Grating Mold Machine/ FRP G manufacturer rating Grit Mould H15mm

Product Description

                                             Fiberglass grating molding machine

Structure: Reasonable design, precise processing, stable operation performance, easy demoulding, convenient maintenanceCylinder: The inner surface is grind by grinding machine, sealed by imported oil. The whole cylinder can disassemble, convenient to change the spare parts.Base: Use 140# steel as the skeleton, 14mm thickness steel as plate. Do planing to make sure of the stability and plane smoothness.Rod. CZPT quality and high strength rods. Steel rod is grinded. Smooth and clean surface, firm and anti-abrasion. Reasonable distribution, easy demoulding. The rods can be adjustable according to CZPT er’s demands. Demoulding Poles lift device is driven by 2 cylinders simultaneously. Smooth operation, no swing phenomenon. Demoulding poles are firm and anti-abrasion. Demoulding poles lift up and down with the lifting device, easy to change, easy maintenance.Elastic connection between lifting board and beam. Parallel stable lift.    
Mold heating and cooling uses rectangular brass tube. Large contact area with the mold plate, CZPT heating and cooling and above the molds can also be heating and cooling. It is anti-corrosion and durable for the mold four border. CZPT s adopts stainless steel flexible joint connection for easy disassembly.Pipe connections are connected in parallel, using high-powered motor to inlet the water at highest speed. The upper side of mold is equipped with guard to avoid spreading resin.The module adopts delicate steel 45#. Surface is treated by grinding, polishing and plating process. smooth, easy demolding, the upper screw is locked, easy to adjust and change.    Hydraulic pump station uses durable hydraulic parts made by CZPT -Japanese joint venture which are specially designed and produced for CZPT machines.  

The following are the specifications of the standard molded panels at present. We can also meet
customers request for smaller sizes or thickness.

Mesh  (mm) Open area
  1220×3660 25 38×38 69 55  
  1220×3660 30 38×38 69 65  
  1220×3660 38 38×38 69 83  
  1000×2000 25 38×38 69 25  
  1000×2000 30 38×38 69 29  
  1000×2000 38 38×38 69 37  
  1000×4000 25 38×38 69 50  
  1000×4000 30 38×38 69 58  
  1000×4000 38 38×38 69 74  
  1220×3660 50 50×50 72 96  
  1007×3007 13 38×38 69 19  
  1007×3007 40 40×40 64 58  
  1007×3007 25 40×40 64 36  
  1007×2007 25 40×40 64 24  
  1007×2007 40 40×40 64 39  
  1007×4007 25 40×40 64 48  
  1007×4007 40 40×40 64 77  
  1007×3007 25 100×25 66/50 42/58  
  1220×3660 38 19×19 42 110  


Before use the new mold clean up oil stains and other dirt inside the mold.Before use the mold please check if the screws loose or not. If loose, please CZPT en in time.Keep the mold slide adequate oil, prohibit knocking the I beam steel with hammer. Spray the demoulding agent three times, spray the agent after curing the last spray.After producing 3-4 grating sheets spray the demolding agent to the mold. Produce after the agent drying. In the following production please spray the demolding agent periodically  according to the actual conditions.          
Production of company
ZheJiang ZLRC is Chinese Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) machines and FRP products manufacturer and fabricator for CZPT industrial and systems for CZPT countries. ZheJiang ZLRC provides the best FRP services and offerings in the fiberglass reinforced plastic industry for CZPT ers in home and abroad. ZheJiang ZLRC consists of teams of experienced work force to provide a wide range of FRP products, composite CZPT works, services and products in order to satisfy and meet the requirement of CZPT ers. 

Our factory located in the base of FRP Zaoqing town, HangZhou city ZheJiang province and we in FRP filed more then ten years. Our machines and FRP products CZPT zied by CZPT ers requirements. 

Our main products are: FRP tank winding machine, FRP pipe winding machine, FRP grating machine, FRP pultrusion machine, FRP grating, FRP pipe, FRP tank, FRP water tank, FRP profiles, FRP wind-proof and dust suppressing wall, FRP cooling tower and accessoires, FRP fan, FRP raw material and CZPT systems ect. 

We insist on “First Quality, CZPT CZPT , and CZPT Service” as CZPT business philosophy, focuses on international and domestic markets, strives for excellence. We are sincerely expecting to cooperate with you and win-win, warmly welcome to visit CZPT company; Let’s create bright future together.