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Product Description

Slitting Line CZPT ry, Slitting CZPT , Simple Slitting Line


Product Description

Description of the whole machine line

Simple steel coil slitting line is used for slitting the carbon plate to prepare for the next process.
1.Hydraulic coil car
The car can move levelly and vertically, which is convenient for putting the steel coils into the de-coiler.
It is driven vertically by hydraulic cylinder with four guide pillars.
The level movement is driven by cycloid motor.
The capacity of it can reach to 15Tons(MAX)
2.Hydraulic cantilever de-coiler
Support the steel coil and de-coiling. And is equipped with the supporting stand
It can expand and shrink with hydraulic oil cylinder and fit with the inner hole of the steel coils.
Moment motor drives the coils running and the motor can run right and left to prevent the coils running by inertia.
3. Slitting machine
Power part: This is composed of CZPT -stand, decelerator,45KW direct current motor, gear distributing case, coupler, spindle, connecting-cover, etc.  
Host machine: This is composed of bottom-stand, fixed bracket, big slide, knife pivot(φ200mm, 2pcs), movable bracket, slide, the CZPT and back adjustable device of bracket, knife pivot lifting and pressing down adjustment device, accompany of blade, shim, rubber band and so on
It change the blades through moving out the bracket hydraulically and is very convenient and CZPT

4.Scrap winder
It consists of base, the shaft and plate of scrap material, friction wheel, supporting wheel chain, chain, decelerator and motor.
5.Tension stand
It consists of the frame, pre-dividing device, press and tension device and guide rollers and so on. And it is used to adjust the tension of pre-divide and recoiler to make sure the even and tight quality.

6. CZPT iler
It adopts the hydraulic expand and shrink recoiler shaft to tight the inner hole of coils
it uses the hydraulic movable arm with the supporting spacers to ensure the even recoiling quality.
It is equipped with the push device to help unload the coils
The motor is DC 80KW with controller to ensure the recoiling.

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If need, the seller will supply the technicians to do the installation for the whole line. It needs 2 or 3 technicians, the round tickets as well the accommodation for these technicians all should be covered by the buyer. And also should pay them USD 60 per day per person.
VI. CZPT terms
1.Spare parts: 20 pieces blades(200x340x20) ,and 30 pcs spacers, a complete of oil pipe.
And shim and the rubber band as well as the separating rubber band will be random delivered with the knife pivot and dividing device.
2. If there is any need of extra purchasing or changing beyond this quotation, the cost is an extra.

Pls contact with us for more details.

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All the control system of CZPT machines we make by CZPT selves. we have a professional engineer to design and make the control system. This can make sure the after-sale service, when CZPT er have problem with control, we can solve it timely.



it is a unique plant in ZheJiang Province.It directly mills the entire frame. The milling machine can make the ‘machine’s large surface smoother and the machine is more perfect.



It make the backboard of purlin machine, also make the holes on backboard. This milling machine can milling the backboard more level, hole place is more precious. This can make the roller more level after installing,and then the purlin will be more straight.

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