Small Portable Type Wood Shaving Grinding Machine

Small Portable Type Wood Shaving Grinding Machine

                                             Wood Shavings Device

Product Introduction
  The wooden shaving equipment produced by our company is a new item that adopts new technologies and then increases it according to the requirements of wooden shavings and the recent position of wood. This wood shaving device can process all varieties of wooden (this sort of as sticks, branches, logs, home furniture scraps from furniture factories, waste wood branches, and so forth.) into batches of slim wooden shavings with uniform thickness. The wooden enters the equipment by means of the feed port and is sliced by the blade inside of the device to punch the shavings. The size and thickness of the shavings are even, which is not much distinct from the wooden shavings produced by the wooden factory, it also will save time and labor. The use of wooden shavings: it can be employed as particleboard (plywood), as a uncooked substance for wood pulp paper in paper mills, as a transport filler for fragile merchandise transportation businesses, as stuffing in the nests of pigs, cattle, sheep and numerous animals, and can also be used as bioenergy.
  HangCZPT CZPT CZPT is a specialist manufacturer of wooden shaving machines. This poplar shaving machine can procedure concluded wood or squander wooden with a length of 45CM to 140CM. The item framework is advanced, the power intake is low, the atmosphere security is effective, and you can alter the shavings to distinct measurements according to your diverse employs. The produced shavings have higher quality, the blade has high wear resistance and lengthy services daily life. The hydraulic electricity unit imported from Germany is used to ensure the constant work and balance of the hydraulic tie rod.

Doing work Basic principle

1. Set the log into the feeding port. When the equipment is started out, rotate it again and forth, and press it down to the airplane of the equipment planer. Soon after reducing with the knife and adhere, blow out the cupboard under the airflow.

two. The wood shaving device body is mainly composed of the casing, knife roll, motor, power distribution cupboard, hydraulic method, and other components. Its foundation is welded with high-strength metal plates, which is the supporting foundation of the whole wooden shaving machine.

three. The blade mounted on the knife roller is a skillfully made blade bolt. The blade is fastened on the knife roller by a stress block it can be adjusted up and down inside of a certain range according to the thickness of the shavings.

4. Wooden shaver knife roller: End the equipment, open the protect, and change the blade.

1. No need to have for civil engineering
2. CZPTal management programs are imported from CZPTpe
3. 4-axis planing (rising shavings generate)
4. The measurement and thickness of the shavings can be modified arbitrarily (to fulfill the requirements of different marketplaces)
5. Modify the variety of compressions in accordance to the amount of resources to achieve energy preserving and emission reduction
six. No other putting on components other than knives (supporting sharpener equipment, knives can be used for a lot of instances)
7. The transmission component adopts hydraulic technology to ensure the stability of the tools operation and stay away from crashes
8. The all round structure is created by laser chopping and CNC machining center to make sure the interchangeability of device components
9. The higher degree of automation, equipped with an computerized feeding program, to accomplish uninterrupted feeding, greatly reducing labor expenses.

  The wooden shaving device can process logs, branches, and boards edge into shavings. The shavings produced are the identical as the shavings developed by the home furniture manufacturing facility. The completely automatic feeding products significantly enhances the creation speed and will save time and labor.
  It can be utilised as particleboard (plywood), as a raw content for wood pulp paper in paper mills, as a transport filler for fragile merchandise transportation businesses, as stuffing in the nests of pigs, cattle, sheep and different animals, and can also be used as bioenergy.

CZPT Parameters

Design JTWN-166-2 JTWN-166-four
Amount of cutter heads(piece) two four
Length of the blade(cm) sixty 60
Quantity of blades(piece) 7*two=14 seven*4=28
Power provide 380v-50hz-3p 380v-50hz-3p
Overall electrical power(kw) 14 25
Cutter head velocity(rpm) 3800 3800
Cutter head diameter(mm) 158 158
Shaving depth(mm) .five-two .five-two
Max. Log input length(cm) 140 a hundred and forty
Max.log input width(cm) 60 60
Working distance(mm) 1400 1700
Equipment dimensions(cm) 333*158*138 382*158*138
Excess weight(kg) 2480 3130
Potential(kg/h) 800-1500 1500-2000

Our Organization

    HangCZPT CZPT Technologies CZPT Co., Ltd. is found in HangCZPT city, ZheJiang province, our equipment has exported to a lot more than thirty nations and locations and all of our products are accredited CE high quality inspection certificates.

Pre-sale services:
Act as a very good advisor and assistant of clients permit them to get wealthy and competitive
from the returns of their investment decision.
1) Pick a appropriate tools design.
2) Style and manufacture items according to clients’ specific requirements.
three) Practice complex personnel for clientele.
4) Specialist suggestion for the consumer.

Companies during the sale:
Respect clients devote ourselves to strengthening the complete worth of clientele.
1)take pictures(such as uncooked material, semi-products, closing products, and loading products)
1) Pre-check and accept merchandise in advance of supply.
2) Get ready all clearance paperwork, so that the client clearance smoothly.

After-sale solutions:
Supply considerate services to lessen clients’ worries.
1) Offer civil engineering drawings of the equipment.
two) Free education(which includes set up, maintenance) to every single buyer.
three) Set up and debug the equipment, make certain the dryer managing easily.
4) Analyze the gear often.
five) Take the initiative to eliminate the difficulties quickly at the internet site.
six) Distribute the guarantee fittings door-to-doorway.
seven) Give technological trade and assistance.

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If you are fascinated in our merchandise, or if you have any queries, remember to really feel free to make contact with us. We will reply to you in 24 hours!

Small Portable Type Wood Shaving Grinding Machine