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High Quality Innovo Laser C manufacturer utti Cost ng Machine

Product Description

CZPT cutting machine

Features of the machine:
1. The design of optical mixing, unidirectional slide mode movement favorable motion system is stable and reliable, the cutting surface more smooth, more accurate, laser processing quality and stability, suitable for laser cutting surface has strict requirements of the application.
2. Steel structure base, after more than 9 months of annealing, natural aging and artificial aging and vibration aging of multiple stress treatment, ensure the machine base structure is stable and reliable.
3. Cylinder clamping, clamping reliable, ensure the machining accuracy of parts.
4. Adopts imported servo motor, precision ball screw drive, accurate positioning, curve machining high precision, CZPT speed.
5. CZPT and guide rail adopts a totally enclosed type protection, reduce dust pollution, improve the transmission of the service life, reduce maintenance.
6. CZPT tool light guide system was closed optical path, quick change the mirror seat drawers, ensure clean and life lens.
7. Using high quality optical lens group, and has multiple focal length of 5 “and 7.5” focusing mirror rapid replacement function.
8. The laser cutting head is equipped with automatic height tracking system, processing of laser focus height keeping strict uniform, highly CZPT tive and accurate cutting quality assurance.
9. The laser cutting head can bear 2.0Mpa gas pressure, cutting, suitable for all kinds of plate has the advantages of simple structure, convenient adjustment.
10. CNC system used by CZPT company in the international high-quality independent development, integrated gas control system and all air, transmission component of a full set of imported, CZPT d design.
11. CNC electrical control console can freely move, moderate height, convenient operation.
12. CZPT CNC machine tools, high rigid frame structure body, with the overall rigidity, stability and good dynamic performance.
13. X, Y, Z three axis adopts Japan MITSUBISHI, CZPT servo motor drive, good performance, CZPT response, maintenance free.
14. The precision ball screw to Japan, South Korea CZPT brand transmission CZPT , precision rolling linear guide and bearing, ensure the machine running accuracy.
15. The cutting head pressure blowing dry dust removal device, lens protection nozzle is not affected by smoke pollution and low temperature frost.
16. The cutting head automatic tracking spacing adjustment between the work and maintain a fixed focal length, in order to improve the cutting quality.
17. Exhaust dust device specially set up, maintenance operation environment from pollution

Numerical control system:
1.High stability of the standard industrial control configuration, USB interface, CZPT analog input and output, CZPT digital quantity input/output module and the operation of the peripheral facilities are controlled by the PLC logic.
2. Windows operating system, I own development company dedicated CNC laser machine tool numerical control system, automatic laser CZPT control, the Z axis tracking control execution, etc
System software, easy to realize linear interpolation, arc interpolation, fitting, backlash compensation, screw pitch error compensation, slotting compensation, and many other functions.
3.MCP machine control panel, 17 “screen man-machine dialogue, the standard keyboard and mouse operation, graphics, and Chinese/English interface and convenient operation.

Cutting software:
1. Platform in the form a complete set of laser cutting machining programming software optimization set of row, human-computer interaction, convenient for the user in  blueprints
Stage to draw the graphics library, the path of set of row, optimization, order and cutting direction, cutting starting point, technical details and solution for all kinds of laser machining processing.
2. Built-in cutting expert data system, cutting can be automatically or manually invoked when these parameters, Can also according to the experience of building CZPT er own database commonly used laser cutting technology, operation directly choose the appropriate process


Laser CZPT 1000w and 1500w
Types of laser Axial excitation laser
Working area 1200*1800mm
Driving Method The two sides to import precision ball screw drive
The light path form Fixed optical path (laser head fixed work, plate movement)
Cutting material thickness PVC plastic board, wooden board, the 6-15-18-22 mm
Environment temperature 5ºC~35ºC
Cooling water temperature 5ºC~30ºC
Cooling water No  impurities pure water
Protective gas Special hybrid laser gas
Relative humidity ≤80%
Power supply 380V±5%
Cutting speed 0-3000mm/min,Software Settings,18 mm board: 450 mm/min
Cutting precision 0.05mm
Repeated positioning accuracy ≤0.02mm
Numerical control panel LCD screen, Chinese and English menu operation, light touch keys

Sheet Metal CNC Grooving Machine manufacturer V Scoring for Alumin shop um

Product Description

Application Description
Gantry type machine, alloy steel welded structure, and whole frame stress annealed, having good rigidity and strength and durability.

machine adopts frame structure design ,50 mm high strength low alloy structure steel countertops, good integral rigidity of the machine tool.

The beams of this series is solid without moving, the work piece material can be sent by the evacuation mechanism,and as for work tables, they were make of carbon tool steel, hardness of which can be 55-60HRC (ordinary table<30HRC)after high-frequency surface hardening, which makes the work table much harder than the hardness of stainless steel, and completely solve the phenomenon of the work surface grooves appeared due to low hardness of traditional machines, to ensure the work surface flatness ≤ ± 0.03mm, completely solve the reduction of the accuracy of the V-grooves due to deformation of work table surface, prolonged the life of the equipment. Around the work table there are care feeding device to prevent scratches during processing of sheet metal.

The forward-backward knife rest (Y1 shaft) movement, up-down knife rest (Z shaft) movement, forward-backward end pressure (Y2 shaft) movement are controlled by CNC system, AC servo motor, ball screw drive. It has the advantages of high control accuracy, positioning precision.

Performance and Features
1.The HRL type CNC gantry metal sheet slotting machine is an upgrade product developed by the researchers of CZPT company on the basis of Korea gantry metal sheet slotting machine. The machine has all the properties of the traditional gantry type machine. Fully solve the CZPT er in the actual operation process encountered a series of problems. This equipment is a 4-axis full servo design, which has made a breakthrough in the products of all domestic and foreign gantry slotting machines.

2.The equipment is welded by steel plate, and the internal stress is eliminated by vibration aging. The whole machine is processed on the gantry milling machine to make the whole model more than the same products at home and abroad in strength, rigidity and stability.

3.The device adopts a platform structure, and the tool holder is processed by lateral and CZPT itudinal movement to ensure the accuracy of each part of the groove depth.

4.The equipment adopts the processing technology of three CZPT and rear forming knives, which greatly reduces the iron filings generated during processing. Compared with the traditional five knives, the precision of the processing is greatly improved. Because the five knives are processed, the bottom of the groove may generate multiple bottom lines. article.

5.The equipment adopts full pneumatic clamping, press, working CZPT , so that the processed products have no clip marks, indentation, all processing process tracking cooling blow. With an alarm device.       
6.High-speed alloy steel gear rack, large pitch ball wire rod, and high precision, mute straight guide. The spindle system is driven by high torque servo motor with imported star reducer. The tool holder is more stable and CZPT when machining the workpiece. This equipment gantry frame has adopted 6 super silent slide seat, is any similar product can not compare.

7.The high-strength plate is used as the base surface of the workbench, which makes the workpiece easy to be worn. This device has self-planing function.

8.The equipment adopts CNC numerical control. Operators are easy to learn and understand, accurate positioning.

9.equipment clamps, compacts all adopt the full pneumatic control. Make this machine in the idea of energy conservation and environmental protection reached a high point.
10the whole shape of the equipment is simple, generous, beautiful, adopts the frame type structure setting, accords with all kinds of technical personnel’s operation CZPT , enables the operator to be able to fully meet the production and the technical request in the work

Main technical 

Products Application:

Our service :
1. Our provide oriented after-sales service including the oversea engineers trainning CZPT and also international dealer center for any emergency guidance.We have established CZPT network to guarantee CZPT timely response for your any demand no matter where are you.

2. We welcome engineers from your side to learn the technical design and normal maintenance here,this will help your easy in understanding and helpful if you need to be CZPT dealer.

3. However,don’t worry,we have CZPT company own CD/Manual to show you along with the machine.So you can learn this from the existing docments to deepen your knowledge and understanding.

4. CZPT there are another way is through internet video face to face for machine teaching, because of the high development in internet,the world has become smaller and you can easy contact us if any assistance needed.

5. Through all the ways,we will guarantee the service quality and ensure you will be well helped anytime anywhere.

Welcome to visit BAMBEOCN’S factory 


Portable Cutting Machine for Heavy Industry with Hyp near me shop ertherm Power Source in High Def manufacturer inition

Product Description

Zlq-7b Oxygen/Acetylene Portable Cnc Plasma Sheet CZPT Cutting CZPT

This kind of portable cnc plasma and flame cutting machine is specially developed for steel plate cutting, 2 kinds of cutting modes are provided: Plasma cutting and flame cutting, working size can be CZPT ized upon requirements, this portable cnc plasma and flame cutting machine is characterized of easy operation, compact structure and low cost. It is suitable for large, medium and small mines, widely used in automobile, shipbuilding, CZPT machinery, agricultural machinery, suitable for carbon steel (flame cutting), and stainless steel.

1. The overall processing machine base, good stability, not deformed
2. Using beeline and double-slide lead rails, high accuracy
3. A detachable structural design for arm, convenient transportation and installation
4. Beautiful structure, coordination, light weight;
5. CZPT base is made in steel.
6. The CNC control system has the following character:
1) CZPT reliability, such as anti-plasma jamming, and lightning strike, Surge;
2) 32M users program storage capacity can update to 64M;
3) In both English and Chinese interface conversion;
4) During plasma processing, auto-complete the speed control of the corner
5) Rich software features and practical flame / plasma cutting process;
6) In particular small line section procedure processing can be widely used in metal materials and advertisement, Iron;
7) CZPT graphics zoom in 1-8X, fixed point of automatic tracking;
8) Using USB Flash CZPT reading procedure and timely upgrade software;
9) Built-in the rich graphics, makes programming easy to learn.

Zlq-7b Oxygen/Acetylene Portable Cnc Plasma Sheet CZPT Cutting CZPT is widely applied in industries such as machinery, automobile, ship building, petro-chemical, war industry, metallurgy, aerospace, boiler and pressure vessel, locomotive, metal cutting service, stainless steel cutting service, carbon steel cutting service, CNC plasma cutting service, CNC flame cutting service, etc.
Flame cutting is suitable for mild steel, high carbon steel plate.
Plasma cutting is suitable for stainless steel, aluminum, copper and other CZPT -ferrous metal plate.

After-sale service and Guarantee:
1. After-sale service and maintenance
User can contact CZPT after-sale department via phone or web (E-mail, MSN, Skype, etc), we ensure giving feedback within 24 hours. If problem can not be solved, we will send CZPT engineers to solve on the scene.
2. Quality warranty.
The warranty is within 12 months after Zlq-7b Oxygen/Acetylene Portable Cnc Plasma Sheet CZPT Cutting CZPT finish fitting and start running, during warranty, we provide free solution for problems caused by normal use, such as product quality, process precision, cannot cut normal material, etc After 12 months, we also supply the maintenance and just collect some basic fees.

Why choose us?
Lansun is continuing to provide wide and flexible solutions by its new Plasma Cutting CZPT has high and accuracy cutting quality, the advantageous of low working and investing cost, convenient for placing in a production line by providing flexible and wide different automation solutions.
Lansun Plasma Cutting CZPT can easily be operated and carried. It’s produced with latest production technologies and used well-known CZPT standard CNC and cutting equipments.
High Plasma CZPT nology provides high quality cutting on a wide range of material type and thickness.
The acceleration of the system moves the torch or part, vibration features, accuracy on movement control, cutting speed and repetition availability, strong mono block frame, accuracy rails, rack and pinion and servo motors provides the high cutting quality on the Plasma Cutting CZPT .

Technical specification:
Cross Beam Length(X axis) 1m/1.2m
Longitudinal Rail Length(Y axis) 1.5m/2m/2.5m
Effective Cutting Width (X axis) 1m/1.2m
Effective Cutting Length (Y axis) 1.5m/2m/2.5m
Cutting Mode Flame only; Plasma only; Flame and Plasma
Drive Mode Single-side
Drive Method Pinion drive for Y axes
Flame Cutting Thickness 5-200mm
Plasma Cutting Thickness 1-60mm (according to the specification of plasma CZPT source)
Cutting CZPT Flame: 0-3500mm per minute; Plasma: 0-8000mm per minute
Moving CZPT 0.01mm per step
Power Source (option) 220V 50Hz 500-1000W
Nesting Software (option) INTERGNPS, CZPT CAM
Cutting Gas Acetylene, Propane
Plasma Gas Pressed air, Oxygen, N2

Package Picture:

Our Factory:

Customer Visit:

CE&ISO Certificate:

1. Are you factory or foreign trade company?
We are over 17 years experienced manufacturers, large-scale production of CNC cutting machine.

2. Where is your factory located? How can I visit there? 
Our factory is located in HangZhou, ZheJiang . We will meet you at airport or train station. Warmly welcome to visit us! 

3. What’s the quality of your products? 
We are very focused on the quality of the products, All spare parts of this machine come with best brand and best quality, after completing the installation we will test the machine for 48 hours. Our factory has gained CE, ISO9001 authentication.

4. What shall we do if don’t know how to operate your machine after bought from you? 
We have detailed installation and operating instructions attached, also comes with video, it is very simple. We have telephone and email support at 24 hours a day.

5. What other things also need after we bought your machines? 
(1) With flame cutting: oxygen and fuel gas.
(2) With plasma cutting: CZPT . Plasma CZPT is purchased by us, so that we can debug online, and we all need very good plasma CZPT to ensure quality.

6. What are your payment terms? 
We support T/T, L/C, CZPT ern CZPT , Alibaba CZPT Assurance and so on. CZPT ways can also be received after we both sides discussion and agreement.

 Contact:Alison Chen

manufacturer Automatic CNC Steel Wire Straight Cheap ening and Cutting Machine

Product Description

Metal Wire Straightening and Cutting CZPT :

Machine Picture:

Machine Structure:

1) Using80*80 square pipe  to weld frame.

2) Wire feeding servo motor is realized by synchronous belt and gear transmission.

The straightening modules are made of good quality alloy and there is water cooling for straightening bearing base.

 3) The cutting tool (Cr steel) adopts ZheJiang TBI guide and slide block.

 4) The machine body is set up with necessary safety protection measures, operator needs to set up protection for wire feeding part.

Technical Specifications:

1) Wire diameter: 2mm-8mm

2) Cutting length range: from100mm to no limit

3) CZPT imum cutting speed : 45meters/minute;

4) CZPT imum wire feeding speed:

For 2.0-3.0mm, 45m/min.  For 3.0-4.0mm, 40m/min. For 4.0-5.0mm, 30m/min;

5) Cutting Tolerance: ±0.5mm, for acceleration or deceleration of equipment.

6) Wire Material: Ordinary carbon steel wire ( it is CZPT  for spray powder, leaching,
but is not CZPT  for stainless steel wire and electroplating wire ).

7) Main electrical components of equipment (model brand):
1. Movement controller: ZheJiang Taida.
2. Frequency converter: Fulin
3. Servo CZPT : Huada,Taideo, dongyuan
4. Touchsreen: KINCO (buke).
5. Encoder: Japan OMRON
6.Motor: HangZhou motor.

8) CZPT Dimension:
1. Main Frame: 2670(L)×710(W)×1450(H)mm
2. Wire Feeder: 1500(L) ×700(W)×750(H)mm 
3. Finished product container: 2000(L)*300(W)*150(H)mm.



The distance needs to be 3 meters between wire feeder and machine.
The finished product container can be CZPT made.

Action Sequence:

1. Manually feed wire: Manually loosen coding handwheel and pressbutton of manual wire feeding, the wire will be transmitted to CZPT wire feeding wheels, straighten wheels, coding wheels, rear wire feeding wheels for cutting position. Then manually tighten coding handwheel.

2. Preset cutting length, speed, parameters and press button ON, the machine will work automatically.

Control System:

1) Wire feeding servo motor 0.55kw and cutting servo motor 0.75kw, using CZPT ,Taideo, Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis.yuan brand servo motor to drive and using 2.2kw HangZhou motor for straightening, FuLing brand frequency converter.

2) 7 inch Buke touchscreen, set cutting length, alignment axis rotation speed, wire feeding speed and other control parameters.

When there is no need for feeding, the machine will stop automatically to protect the machine from damage.

Our Workshop:


Our vision:

We are factory manufacturer located in FoShan. We have been working hard to provide reliable 
quality machine with reasonable price and qualified service for CZPT CZPT  customers!

Packaging and CZPT :

Our Advantages:

We have professional teams experting in production, design and R&D for over 10 years to meet
clients’ different demands.

High precison and excellent performance for producing all kinds of springs and wire forms, Japanese
Panasonic servo motor for each machine.

Machine test run(at least for one week) before we ship the machine, in an effort to insure every
mechanical and electrical parts are in perfect condition.

 After order placed, we accept to adjust the products according to CZPT er’s demand, and remain
the program and tool settings on machine. in order to insure a quick start of machine once CZPT er
receive it.

Our Certificates:

As a professional wire processing machinery manufacturer, we will try CZPT best to supply you not only
high quality machine with very competitive price, but also in good service.
We also hope we can make friendly cooperation with you!


Q1: What does your factory produce ?

  A: We produce and export all kinds of automatic wire processing machine. We also can design and
develop the wire processing machines according to your requirements.

Q2: What about your standard delivery date ?

  A: Usually 20 days.  

Q3: Does your factory sale directly ?

 A: Yes. Our factory sells directly,competitive price with high quality and excellent after-sale service.

Our quality products have been export to many countries, such as Germany, Russia, USA, Canada,
Argentina, Peru, Turkey, Iran, Brazil, Spain, South Asia and Middle CZPT countries.

Q4: Can you export machines by your factory?

  A: Yes,we can.

Q5: Where are your factory?

  A: Our factory is located in FoShan City and Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis.Guan city, ZheJiang Province, CZPT .

Q6: Will you send engineer to help installing the machine?

  A : Yes, if you need, we can send CZPT engineer to go to your factory to help you install CZPT   machine,
train the workers and make sure the welding machine running well before he leaves.

Q7: If the machine get damaged, what can I do ?

   A: In the guarantee time (1 year) , we will send the spare parts to you for free and provide the
technical consultant for anytime. If more terrible, we can send CZPT engineers to your factory.  
We will provide same good after-sale service as the pre-sale service. For any of your questions, 
we will reply within 12 hours.

Contact us:

Vmc Bf-V13 China Metal Working CNC Milling Machine Vertical Machin manufacturer i near me shop ng Center

Product Description

BaoFeng V13 aluminum cutting machining tool

Model No.:BF-V13

Vertical high speed machining center (linear guide)


  • Specially designed for parts processing. 3 axes adopt ball guide way, rapid feed speed 48 meters/min.
  • Special large span structure of the machine base and column, is able to bear high inertia gravity and improve dynamic responsiveness of the whole machine.
  • Short nose design of direct connection high speed spindle with excellent rigidity, increase efficiency and reduces abrasion of the tools. CZPT imizes the transmission efficiency of the spindle motor and also increase processing accuracy and spindle durability.
  • The machine employed backward chip removal with mass flow chip flushing system, suits particular parts processing for CZPT er chip removing.


X/Y/Z axis travel 1300x700x600mm
Spindle nose to table 130-730mm
Spindle center to column 600mm
Positioning accuracy ±0.003/300mm
Repeated positioning ±0.002/300mm
Spindle taper BBT40
Spindle transmission Direct drive
Spindle speed 12000 rpm/min
CNC control Fanuc 0i-MF
Spindle motor 11-15kw 12000 rpm/min
X/Y/Z motor 3.0/3.0/3.0kw
Table size ( W x L ) 1400x700mm
T slot 5-18x100mm
Table load 800kg
X/Y/Z rapid feed rate 36/36/36m/min
X/Y/Z linear guideway 45/45/45mm-ball
X/Y/Z ball screw φ36-10mm-ball
Dimension 3500*3600*3100mm
Weight 8500kg

Main parts list:

               Item                   Brand
Spindle           ZheJiang -Spintrue
Spindle bearing             Japan-NSK
Ball screw                PMI
Linear guideway             PMI
Pneumatic parts               ZheJiang -Mindman
Electric parts              Japan-Mitsubishi/Omron

Optional configuration:
– CZPT /FANUC/Mitsubishi CNC Controller
– 24T/30T Arm type tool magazine
– Coolant through spindle
– 4th/5th axes rotary table
– Chip conveyor
– Tool setter
– Oil mist collector

Machine body

Column with cross slide structure, adopt high-grade HT300 gray casting machine body with integrated structure to ensure rigidity and stability.


Double layered box-type base .The base feet are designed with trapezoidal structureto make to ensure good stability and machining accuracy.

Spindle box

Spindle box adopts box-type mechanism design, which is more rigid than normal design.

Germany linear guideway

Germany CZPT brand linear guide way, higher rigidity, accuracy, and surface finish.

Double nut ball screw 

C3 level high-speed ball screw with the pre-extension process to reduce thermal elongation caused by heat distortion.

Spindle motor

Shortnose spindle with 11kw spindle motor, higher torque to ensure rigid tapping, increase productivity.


HangZhou Baoke CZPT CZPT ry Co., Ltd. is co-founded by ZheJiang Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis. and elites in Mainland CZPT who engage in developing, manufacturing, selling, and service CNC machine centers. Our mainland manufacturing base is established in 2571, Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis. has become a leading company for high-end machine center manufacturers in CZPT as well as an integrated intelligent solution provider.

Machine scope includes CZPT  vertical machining centers (linear guideway and square guideway), high-speed engraving and milling machine, double column machining center, and CNC tapping center.

At present, Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis. has a complete sales and after-sales service team across the country, but we try to bring CZPT philosophy to the world and become a strong and competitive global player. We are now looking for partners overseas to build CZPT dealers network and at the same time prepare CZPT local representative office.

Looking into the future, we will always be committed to CZPT culture “To be the first brand in the industry, keep the principle of integrity” oriented by market and CZPT er’s needs, to provide high efficiency and high-quality products and services.

Quality Control

From production to delivery, strict testing is adopted to inspect the static and dynamic accuracy of the machine, so as to ensure the accuracy and stability of the XIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS. machine.

Precise grinding: After the milling process, all guideway mounting surface has gone through grinding process by imported CNC grinding machine (Normal machine body manufacturing only have milling process)

Manual scrapping: All joint surfaces of the machine body are manually scraped to ensure geometric accuracy and rigidity.

Standard and Strict process: CZPT machine production procedure with high standards, all process CZPT tracked to ensure high quality. Even the torque of each screw will be tested and recorded.

Quality Assurance System
1. G-TECH dynamic balancing inspection  
The spindle motor has gone through dynamic balance vibration detection and correction.

  1. Renishaw Ballbar inspection

Inspect the roundness in the three planes (XY, XZ, YZ) of the machine, which can minimize the dynamic accuracy tolerance and improve the geometric accuracy.

3. Renishaw laser interferometer inspection
When detecting the screw pitch error, the straightness of the linear guide rail in the XX and YY directions can be checked at the same time to ensure the machining and assembly accuracy of the machine tool, meanwhile, can test the actual positioning accuracy and repeat positioning accuracy of the machine tool.

4. Germany Carl Zeiss CMM test
To check the precision of precision parts of machine tools, such as bearing caps, glands, motor flange plates, spindles, etc., as well as the geometric accuracy and surface tolerances of the test-cut samples.

  1. Running test

In order to ensure quality, the machine will go through other quality control procedures, such as spindle vibration noise inspection, 72-hour full-function running-in test, etc.

Case CZPT er


M Cheap ini Metal CNC Vertical Machine Center manufacturer (XHS7145 XH7145A XK7145A)

Product Description

1.This XH7145A CNC milling machine center of feed shaft controlled by X,Y,Z
coordinate , spindle driven by Frequency motor.All kinds of plate, sheet, shell, cam,
moulds and some other complicated parts’ can realized holding by one time, more
difference machining procedule such as drilling, milling, boring, expanding, tapping
can be finished, applicable for more kinds, medium-small batch production,specially
advanced in machining the complicated and high precision spare parts.
2.The CNC system has the function of interlock alarm, safety protection and fault diagnosis
and has RS232 standard communication taeminals, can connected with computer for
program control and memory, DNC production.
II. Main features
1. XH7145A CZPT center’s base, slide, worktable, column, spindle and other main parts
applicated high rigid cast iron structure, guarantee the main parts’ high rigid and anti-vibration.
The main parts all adopted by resin sand and aging treatment, assuring the stability of the machine
2.X,Y, Z-axis adopted linear rolling guide rail, eliminating the feeding friction resistance and low speed
creep, CZPT er machine precision life.
1..X, Y, Z-axis adopted CZPT brand high precision ball lead screw, resulted high rapid
speed and high positional accuracy.
2.X, Y, Z-axis guide way and lead screws adopted full confined protection, assuring the
cleaness of lead screw and guide way as well asmachine’s transmission and motion precision.
3.The outside protection of the machine is full-closed structure, guarantee the safety.
semi-closed protection is also CZPT . .
4.XH7145A CNC milling machine center tool operation system by the principle of human
body CZPT design, easy operation.
5.XH7145A CNC milling machine center Manual central lubrication and high stability.
6.Famous CNC system, FANUC, KND, CZPT , MITSUBISHI for your choices.

X-axis travel mm 600 700 700
Y- axis travel mm 450 450 450
Z- axis travel mm 500 500 500
Spindle nose to table mm 130-630 120-620 120-620
Spindle center to column guide-way face mm 485 460 460
High speed feeding of X,Y, axis mm/min 24000 12000 12000
High speed feeding of Z axis mm/min 18000 10000 10000
Feeding speed mm/min 1-5000 1-5000 1-5000
Size of table mm 1000×450 1000×450 1000×450
Max. loading capacity of table kg 600 600 600
T-slot NO./width /distance of table   3/18/160 5/18/80 5/18/80
Spindle max. speed r/min 8000 8000 8000
Main motor rated CZPT kw 5.5/7.5 5.5/7.5 5.5/7.5
Spindle nose taper   BT40 BT40 BT40
ax. diameter of tools mm 80/130 80/130
Max. length of tools   300 300
Max. weight of tools kg 6 6 6
Positioning accuracy mm 0.571(GB)0.016(Real) 0.571(GB)0.016(Real) 0.05(GB)0.02(Real)
Re-positioning accuracy mm 0.015(GB)0.008(Real) 0.015(GB)0.01(Real) 0.02(GB)0.012(Real)
Pneumatic press mpa 0.6 0.6 0.6
N.W kg 3500 3500 3400
Overall dimension mm 2500x2000x2450 2500x2000x2450 2500×2000×2450

Contact Us:
Andy CZPT  

Tel: 632 5633796
MP: 135 0571 8892

Company Profile:
    HangZhou Hoton CZPT ry Co.,LTD was established in 2006, and is the professional machine manufacturer in CZPT . There are 480 workers, of whom 60 are engineers. It has an area of 46,000 square meter, general assets 30,000,000. It has a store of 350 equipments and the good ability of products design & manufacturing. It has export quality permit from 2007, and has export right given by the State CZPT CZPT CZPT Committee in 2008.  
   The leading products: “Hoton” series of CNC machines, Lathes, Milling machines, Drilling machines,Grinding machines, Saws, Sheet metal machines, CZPT forming machines, and other machine accessories.Some products have national patent.It has fourteen series, over eighty models by itself. It has the ability of making 100,000 sets every year. All the products are designed perfectly and has high quality high performance and low price, and the excellent quality guarantee system. The products have past ISO9001 and CE certification since 2009. The products have been export to five continents, over forty countries and areas. It resulted to the attraction of client abroad and home, the quickly promotion of products sale.
   HangZhou Hoton CZPT ry Co.,Ltd. is willing to make common progress and developments with all the CZPT ers.

Quality first,Constantly perfecting skills.  

Semi Automatic Wire Stripping Seal Inser best tion Crimping manufacturer Machine

Product Description

Semi-auto Waterproof Wire Seal Inserting Stripping Crimping CZPT

This machine adopts a linear module to integrate the three processes of inserting, stripping and crimping in an orderly series.
Save manpower, improve labor efficiency, parameters can be saved and adjusted, and each function can be used independently.



Model SR-30FS Wire seal inserting stripping crimping machine
Applicable wire 0.2-2.5sqmm
Stripping length 0-10mm
Cutting error ±0.02mm
Crimping force 3T
Terminal mold stroke 40mm
Applicable seal ≤¢10*10mm
Cycle time 3s
Capacity 1000-1200/H
Machine weight 300KG
Machine dimensions 850*880*1300MM
Air source 0.5-0.7MPa
Voltage AC220V 50/60HZ



1, The stripping length can be adjusted.
2, The depth of wire seal is adjusted according to the position of the insulation between the stripping and the wire seal.
3, The depth of the crimping terminal can also be adjusted according to the position of the wire baffle.
4, The terminal machine is driven by high-efficiency Mitsubishi servo motor. CZPT -speed crimping and stable crimping force.
5, The stripping slide is driven by a lead screw to ensure accurate stripping length.
6, The insulation cutting mechanism is driven by a motor and a screw, and the cutting depth can be adjusted.
7, Wire seal feeding structure, simple and easy to replace, to meet the requirements of CZPT ers with many products and types.
8, The machine is simple to operate, stable in quality.








1 Price terms

The price is based on EWX/FOB, if you request CFR or CIF, please give us your delivery port, and we will give you CFR price or CIF price for reference.

2 Can I send samples to check the machine quality.

Yes, welcome to send us samples. We would be pleased to show you trial testing base on your samples.

3 How to learn the machine?

1) Offer free technology learning support in CZPT factory

2) Provide detail user manual with detail video illustration

3) Support engineer service at site if clients asking for

4 How about the lead time and delivery time of order?

Standard model, can be ship out within 3~7days after confirmed order and deposit.

Customized model, normally lead time is 10~30 days, after confirmed all order detail deposit and got samples.

Company info:

Sinrad CZPT nology Co.,Ltd, specialized in automation machine, CZPT izing and manufacturing cable processing(cutting, striping, twisting, crimping, soldering, housing inserting, winding, binding, testing, etc.) machine, automatic soldering machine, intelligent soldering machine, and other production equipment.


Sanitary Ware Grinding manufacturer Machine Polish Cost ing Machine for Bottom of Toilet Urinal

Product Description

Product Description

This 560 grinder equipment is specially designed for grinding of sanitary ware with large surface, such as CZPT models of pedestal urinal and wall-hang urinal, bottom of water closet, upper-surface of under-counter wash basin and kiln furniture. Larger diameter of grinding-wheel and the relatively rotating working-table would generate the CZPT speed of grinding and high working efficiency.


Machine structure

The PYL560 grinder is mainly composed of the grinding wheel lifting and shifting part, the grinding wheel feeding part, the grinding wheel transmission part, the turntable part, the frame part, the workpiece clamp, the dust cover and the electric control.
1-The grinding wheel lifting and shifting part is composed of a pair of bevel gears, a CZPT joint and a hand wheel. Its function is to turn the hand wheel to make the grinding wheel lift and realize the knife and retraction of the grinding wheel.
2-The grinding wheel feed part is composed of main parts such as beam, transverse slide, grinding head slide, transverse screw and upper and lower rail. Its function is to make the grinding wheel move vertically and laterally, grinding the workpiece
3-The grinding wheel transmission part is driven by the variable frequency speed regulating brake motor to grind the workpiece.
4-The working turntable is composed of a 2.2 kW electromagnetic brake motor, a worm reducer, a turntable, etc. The motor rotates the workpiece on the turntable at a speed of 20 r/min through a worm reducer to grind the workpiece.
5-The frame part is composed of a base, a race, a column and a sliding door. Work fixture for clamping workpieces for grinding.
6-The electrical part is used to control the working state and action of the equipment and the workpiece. The circuit diagram is shown in Figure.

Product Parameters

Model 560 grinder
Dia of abrasive wheel: Φ560 mm
Rpm of abrasive wheel: 800 rpm
Motor of abrasive wheel: Variable frequency speed regulating motor, YVPEJ132M2-6, 5.5 kW, 960 rpm
Grinding wheel feed mode: by manual
Grinding wheel lifting stroke: 220 mm
Grinding wheel lifting graduation value: 0.05 mm
The max distance between grinder wheel and working table: 720 mm
The dia. Of working table: Φ1400 mm
The Rpm of working table: 20 rpm
The motor of working table: Electromagnetic brake motor, YEJ112M-6  2.2 kW, 940rpm
Overall dimension: (L*W*H) 2153*2070*2875mm


Products model

Work flow

  1. Open the door, lifting grinding wheel which is slightly higher than grinded sanitary ware.
  2. Put the sanitary ware on turning table and adjust pallet to suitable location, make sure the bottom and grinding wheel in parallel.
  3. Open the valve of the water injector of the grinding wheel, control the water intake in a reasonable state, close the cover door, press the start button of the electric control box, and then slowly lower the grinding wheel. After the grinding wheel is in contact with the sanitary ware, the hand wheel should be moved slightly. CZPT tity: each time does not exceed 0.2mm, that is, the hand wheel does not exceed 1/10 laps.
  4. Adjustment of the grinding wheel shaft bearing clearance;
  5. Adjustment of the worm bearing of the turntable reducer;
  6. Adjustment of the CZPT bearing of the turntable reducer;
  7. Adjustment of horizontally moving screw bearing;
  8. Adjustment of the screw mother bearing of the lifting reducer;
  9. Adjust the clearance of the CZPT cal gear of the lift reducer;
  10. Adjustment of the clearance of the horizontal slide;
  11. Adjustment of the CZPT itudinal slide gap;
  12. Adjustment of the parking position of the turntable.

Vertical Drilling Double-Spin near me shop dle Delynn Woode manufacturer n Package Servo CNC Tapping Machine

Product Description

Product Description

Double Spindle Compound CZPT

Technical high CZPT s:

Applicable to batch part processing,drilling,tapping at one time with hight efficiency.

The slide base of working table uses air cylinder with buffer and pneumatic clamping,less vibration and clamp CZPT er.

The slide base uses high-frequency quenching with lubrication,making the better perfomance.

It can achieve the function of double-drilling and double-tapping by choosing the AC-KT126*2 processor.

The total quantities of processing products can be displayed on the LCD Control panel.

  Parameter Items Unit Parameter
Number of spindle Spindles number Unit 2
Drilling / Servo /power1.5KW
Tapping / Cylinder
Workbench Workbench movement / Cylinder
Working size mm 800*230
Workbench stroke mm 240
Spindle Spindle wheelbase mm 240
Spindle forms / MT4
Spindle power kw 4KW/4P
Rotating rotating speed r/min (L)50-675
Spindle diameter mm Φ90
Machine specifications Machine weight kg 1200
Machine dimensions mm 1250*970*1900
Control System PLC

Detailed Photos

Packaging & CZPT

Company Profile

Delin Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd 

1.We are one manufacturer of metal foundry machinery and CNC machining machinery in China.

2.We are production automatic molding machine, gravity pressure casting machine, compound CNC polishing machine , SPM machine(compound CNC drilling machine,CNC machining center etc.), furnace, core shooting machine, mixing sand machine and so on.

3.Our machines are extensively used in producing and machining foundry parts,metal castings,

plumbing fittings, sanitary ware,car spare parts,valve for brass, aluminium, zinc, iron cast production line and others please contact us!
4.We have professional technical support and after sale service. With a whole line foundry machines,good quality, reasonable prices and stylish designs.



Q 1,Are you trading company or manufacture?

A: Yeah,Definitely We are manufacture

Q 2,Where is your factory Located?

A,Our factory is located in HangZhou,Nanan City,Very closed to HangZhou Airport,it will take almost 1hours to the airport.

Q 3,When Can I have your price?

A:We are glad to offer you the best price, but firstly,please provide us the information of your material,with the detailed technical parameter, then we can recomment you the best suitable machine.

Q 4,How do we know how to operate and maintain the machine?

A: We will provide you the operation instruction in English Version,If you need,we will send CZPT technician to your place and help you to train your people.

Q 5,How do you guarantee the quality?

A:That’s a good questions,We are manufacture,we have CZPT own factory,We have high repulation in CZPT ,You can check your friends or people in this line in CZPT .


609 Cheap 0 1390 Reci 100 manufacturer W 130W 150W Wood Leather Rubber MDF CO2 Laser Cutting Engraving Machine

Product Description

Product Description

Machine Features

1.Drive system with high precision linear guide and slide block, high precision ,wearresistance, small resistance, high speed;arc-gear synchronous belt 3m,stabletransmission, strong shock absorption ability and small noise.


2.Red cross accurate position, convenient and quick in finding engraving and cutting position.


3.Equipment with automatic / manual modulation focused laser head, responsive andaccurate to ensure sculpture quality.











Laser medium



Working area






Working table

Knife table/honeycomb table


Laser CZPT



Power CZPT



Min line width



Position accuracy



Repetition accuracy



Cutting speed



Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis. rail

Hiwin from ZheJiang


Transmission method

Belt Transmission


Drive system

Leadshine stepper motors & drive


Cooling system



Control system

Ruida(USB interface)


Control software

RDCAM, Coreldraw, Photoshop, CZPT CAD, Tajima


Graphic format support



Working environment



Operating Humidity



Net weight






Gross weight






Package Dimension






Cutting speed

0 – 20000mm/min


Engraving CZPT

0 – 40000mm/min

glass, organic glass, leather, cloth, acrylic, wood, MDF, PVC, plywood, maple leaf, double-color sheet, bamboo, plexiglas, paper, leather, marble, ceramics etc CZPT metal materials, as well as carbon steel, stainless steel 
Advertisement, arts and crafts, leather, toys, garments, model, building upholstery, computerized embroidery and clipping, packaging and paper industry.Cutting ability
Company introduction

ZheJiang Chaogong CZPT CZPT nology Co., Ltd. is one of the laser equipment manufacturers in ZheJiang Province, CZPT . The company focuses on the R& D, manufacturing and sales of high-power laser processing equipment, including high-power laser cutting machine, laser welding machine and multi-functional laser processing equipment, to provide CZPT ers with personalized and professional laser processing system solutions. The main products of super laser cover the full CZPT series of optical fiber laser cutting series, laser marking series, laser processing special equipment and cutting complete equipment, etc. the products are widely used in iron and steel metallurgy, CZPT -ferrous metals, automobile and parts, aerospace, precision instruments and meters, machinery manufacturing, hardware tools, integrated circuits, solar energy and other industries.

company’s product service focuses on prevention, implements the CZPT er return visit, continuous improvement, rapid response, efficient and accurate service mechanism to ensure the stable and efficient operation of products and help CZPT ers improve economic efficiency. The company has a complete sales and after-sales service network, marketing management center and domestic sales department, international trade department and CZPT er service department. The sales and after-sales service network covers most cities in CZPT , and the products are highly praised by CZPT ers.company adheres to the business philosophy of “building brand with quality, pursuing development with science and technology, promoting step with innovation, and winning market with service”. With CZPT d technology, the company is committed to providing global users with comprehensive laser application solutions. Chaogong is willing to work with all partners to make progress and win-win development and jointly build itself into a domestic manufacturing and R & D base for high-power laser processing complete equipment.

Packing & CZPT  

Professional package of laser cutting machine:

1. Whole film packaging machine;
2. Anti-collision packaging
3. Fumigation-free plywood wooden box and pallets with iron binding belt.

Q1: I knew nothing about this machine, what kind of machine i should choose?
Very easy to choose. Just tell us what you want to do by using CNC laser machine, then let us give you perfect solutions and suggestions.

Q2: When I got this machine, but I don’t know how to use it. What should I do?
We will send video and English manual with the machine. If you still have some doubts, we can talk by telephone or and e-mail.

Q3: If some problems happen to this machine during warranty period, what should I do?
We will supply free parts during machine warranty period if machine have some problems. While we also supply free life CZPT after-sales service. So any doubts, just let us know, we will give you solutions. 

Q4: Before sending me an inquiry on CZPT fiber laser, it is better for you to provide me the following information
1)Your metal or CZPT -metal material size. Because in CZPT factory, we have different models according to working area.
2)Your materials.
3)You want to engrave or cut?
If cut, could you tell me your cutting thickness? Because different cutting thickness need different laser tube CZPT and laser CZPT supplier.