Taiwanese Quality S near me shop lant Bed CNC Lathe CNC T shop urning Center (BL-S205 Series)

Product Description

 ZheJiang ese Quality Slant Bed CNC Lathe/CNC Turning Center(BL-S205 Series) 

– Adopt similar structure as JAPAN MAZAK, bed adopt flat bed, slide board adopt 30°slant design, high rigidity, good machining flexibility
– Adopt JAPAN technology, designed by JAPAN engineer, most parts adopt GERMANY/JAPAN/ZheJiang brand
– Adopt modularization design, has strong extended function, easy for CZPT especial configuration choice, such as tool setter, parts catcher, robot etc
– Adopt HT300 resin sand cast iron, after aging treatment and FEA analysis, small distortion, good torsional strength, good heat stability    
– Base adopt multilayer strengthening rib, ensure bed’s strength and stability 
– Frame adopt oil-coolant separation design, adopt independent coolant tank  
– Adopt high precision integral spindle unit, spindle motor adopt high performance servo motor, big output torque,high speed,wide adjustment range
– Adopt high precision pre-stretched ball screw(double nuts), coupled with motor directly by linkager,high transmission rigidity, can realize μ class precise turning.   
– Adopt high precision ROLLER type linear guideway, high rigidity, good accuracy holding, suitable for heavy loading and precise machining
– Adopt CZPT ulic-servo tool turret/powered tool turret,fast tool changing, good repeatability,high efficiency
– S205/205M/205Y adopt especial structure programmable tailstock, tailstock quill not move, whole tailstock body driven by hydraulic cylinder on linear guideway
– S205S/205SM/205SY adopt high precision electro-spindle as Sub-spindle   
– Can mount right-setting or back-setting chip conveyor, strong chip conveying capacity
– S205: 8T/12T hydraulic-servo tool turret+tailstock; S205M: 12T CZPT ed tool turret+tailstock; S205Y: 12T CZPT ed tool turret+Y axes+tailstock;
  S205S: 12T hydraulic-servo tool turret+Sub-spindle; S205SM: 12T CZPT ed tool turret+Sub-spindle ; S205SY: 12T CZPT ed tool turret+Y axes+Sub-spindle   


Item Specification Unit BL-S205 BL-S205M BL-S205Y BL-S205S BL-S205SM BL-S205SY
Capacity Max. swing dia. over bed mm Φ550
Max. swing dia. over slide mm Φ290 Φ290 Φ200 Φ290 Φ290 Φ200
Max. turning length mm 530 400
Max. turning dia. mm Φ380 Φ380 Φ300 Φ380 Φ380 Φ300
Spindle Spindle transmission type / Mechanical spindle, belt-drive
Spindle bore mm Φ66
Spindle end type / A2-6
Spindle speed rpm 4500
Spindle max. bar through dia. mm Φ51
Spindle motor CZPT kw 11
Spindle chuck size 8”
Spindle C axes division accuracy Deg / 0.001° 0.001° / 0.001° 0.001°
Sub-spindle Sub-spindle transmission type / / Electro-spindle, direct-drive
Sub-spindle bore mm / Φ56
Sub-spindle end type / / A2-5
Sub-spindle rated/max. speed rpm / 1750/6000
Sub-spindle max. bar through dia. mm / Φ44
Sub-spindle motor CZPT kw / 11
Sub-spindle chuck size / 6”
Sub-spindle rapid moving speed m/min / 28
Sub-spindle travel mm / 490
X/Y/Z axes X/Y/Z axes linear guideway type / ROLLER type
X axes travel mm 190+10 190+10 170+20 190+10 190+10 170+20
Y axes travel mm / / ±45 / / ±45
Z axes travel mm 550
X/Z axes rapid moving speed m/min 30
Y axes rapid moving speed m/min / / 30 / / 30
Tool turret Tool turret type / Hydraulic-
servo tool turret      
BMT55 CZPT ed tool turret BMT55
tool turret
servo tool turret      
BMT55 CZPT ed tool turret BMT55 CZPT ed tool turret
Tool qty / 8T(opt.:12T)  12T 12T 12T
Vicinal tool changing time s 0.28
Farthest tool changing time s 0.4
Toolshank size mm 25×25, Φ40
Live tool motor CZPT kw / 4.5 4.5 / 4.5 4.5
Live tool motor torque Nm / 15 15 / 15 15
Live tool max. speed rpm / 4000 4000 / 4000 4000
Tailstock Distance from tailstock center to chuck jaw(programmable range) mm 65~565 / / /
Tailstock rapid move speed m/min Servo tailstock:30; CZPT ulic tailstock: 15 / / /
Tailstock quill taper / MT4# / / /
Accuracy Ex-circle finish turning accuracy / IT6
Finish turning roughness mm Ra0.4~1.6
Finish turning roundness mm ≤0.003
Positioning accuracy(X/Z) mm 0.005/0.008
 Repeat positioning accuracy(X/Z)  mm 0.002/0.004
  Others Coolant pump motor w 480
Coolant pump flow m³/h 2.5
Overall size mm 2455×1720×1740/
(exclude/include chip conveyor)
(exclude/include chip conveyor)
N.W. kg 4100 4100 4200 4450 4450 4550

Main parts list:

Item Brand
Spindle bearing JAPAN-NSK/NTN
Tool turret Own-made/GERMANY-SAUTER
Ball screw ZheJiang -PMI/HIWIN
 Ball screw bearing JAPAN-NSK
Linear guideway ZheJiang PMI/HIWIN
Lubrication system ZheJiang -ISHAN
Rotary oil cylinder&chuck ZheJiang -AUTOGRIP
Hydraulic parts ZheJiang /JAPAN
Coolant pump Joint-venture
Tri-color indication lamp KOREA-QLIGHT
Working lamp JAPAN-NIKKI
DC switch power supply FRANCE-SCHNEIDER
Synchronous belt USA-GATES
Synchronous belt wheel ZheJiang -PTP
Nuts ZheJiang -YINSH
Scrapping plate
Extensible cover
Chip conveyor&chip bucket ZheJiang -WANHE

Standard configuration: 
-Hydraulic chuck 

Optional configuration: 
-Automatic chip conveyor
-Tool setting probe

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