Wastewater Treatment Stainless Steel Screw Press

Wastewater Treatment Stainless Steel Screw Press

Wastewater Remedy Stainless Steel Screw Press 

Screw push is mostly used in wastewater remedy industries,such as :municipal wastewater ,waster water from foodstuff,beverage,chemical ,leather industries and many others.,specially for the sludge includes oil.

Simply because of screw squeezing technology ,the electricity consumption is extremely low,so that preserve running value. It is difficult to be blocked,so the quanitity of washing drinking water will be drastically lowered .It can running continuously for 24 hours,so it has function of least expensive labour cost.
Below the very same predicament ,the h2o consumption is only one/eighty of the belt filter push and the electricity consumption is only 1/two of the centrifuge machine
Fully automated running,from feeding,adding chemicals to cake discharging ,all methods can be managed immediately and can constant run for 24 hours

CZPT data

Design Content D.S.Capability Out Dimension(MM) Web fat Working Weight
DZDL201 s.s.304
(other material is optional) 
fifteen-20kgds/h 2500*800*1270 420 495
DZDL202 thirty-40kgds/h 2580*1045*1270 470 540
DZDL203 45-60kgds/h 2580*1350*1270 690 1030
DZDL301 fifty-70kgds/h 3255*985*1750 900 1300
DZDL302 100-140kgds/h 3455*1300*1750 1350 2000
DZDL303 150-210kgds/h 3615*1690*1750 1880 2700
DZDL304 two hundred-280kgds/h 3900*2110*1950 2500 3600
DZDL351 100-120kgds/h 4140*1160*2300 1100 2000
DZDL352 200-240kgds/h 4250*1550*2300 2100 3250
DZDL353 300-360kgds/h 4520*1965*2300 3100 4600
DZDL354 400-480kgds/h 4700*2505*2300 4100 5700

ZheJiang CZPT Filter Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional filter press manufactures. It has 3 subsidiary corporations in ZheJiang and HangCZPT. Now ZheJiang CZPT is the largest filter press foundation in the heart of China. We are specialized in designing,producing and marketing filter presses and other related tools. We are also good at supplying our buyers with extensive filtration remedies. Our company nocovers an spot of 30000 square meters,with advanced products and strict QC processes.

Our merchandise line:
Computerized Membrane Filter Presses,
Automated Chamber/Racessed Filter Presses,
CZPT/Mechanical/Manual Filter Presses,
Special Filter Presses,
Filter Plates(which includes CGR Gasketed Filte Plates),
Belt Filter Presses,
Bag Filters 

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Wastewater Treatment Stainless Steel Screw Press