Well Screen near me Without Base Pipe Welding best Machine

Product Description

Our products, wire welding machines, are of low noise, less CZPT consumption, stable performance and safety. They can be designed and manufactured according to the specifications required by users. CZPT s adopt CZPT d electrical control system, with slot, running speed and length of the welded filter tube being watched and adjusted any time without stopping the machine.
The electrical control system of the machine is CZPT or CZPT . The feed shaft and main shaft are AC servo motors and CZPT or CZPT drivers. Controlled by control system the drum rotates synchronized with drawing device, which is driven by the servo motor. CZPT ent sizes of the wire tools are installed in the CZPT of the drum, and different specifications of the filter tubes are welded. The precision of the slots can be satisfied by the ball screw which is driven by the servo motor, and the linear guide on that the drawing device slides. The clearance (slot) can be adjusted according to the requirement, so as to ensure the uniformity of slots. The retractable display screen makes it easy to change parameters and display.
Each machine is equipped with a locking expanding ring, which is used to expand the whole ring after the rods are put. When one filter tube is finished, you needn’t to cut the rods, so the material consumption is less, and less time is needed. It is an ideal equipment for the production of petroleum filter screen, coal mine screen bars, sewage treatment, water well filter pipes, medicine chemical industry and food industry.