CNC Woodworking Machine AC-1325A Furniture CNC Router

CNC Woodworking Machine AC-1325A Furniture CNC Router

Attention You should: we have two kinds for your reference.

 TYPE   1     RT-1325    (Reasonable Variety)
Price tag is
order  quantity   is  1 set,price  is  2600$ FOB HangCZPT port
order  quantity   is  2 set,price  is  2500$ FOB HangCZPT port

The primary application discipline of business:
1, Woodworking: Three-dimensional wave plate processing, cabinet doorways, picket doors, picket doorways process, doors, screens, process window processing, movie match cabinets and panels, pc table and plate Auxiliary furnishings goods processing.
2, marketing market: Advertising and marketing signs, symbol creation, acrylic reducing, forming technique module, plastic sheeting, PVC pipe a variety of components promoting the generation of decorative merchandise.
3, steel market: A sculpture of copper, aluminum, iron and other metallic molds,
4. Stone Granite, marble, Qingshi, sandstone, and other stone carvings
five, other industries: A variety of huge-scale aid sculpture, video carving, widely employed in approach industries

CZPT information

Model RT-1325
X*Y* Z Working dimensions 1300*2500*200mm
Feeding height Can be 200~300mm,adhering to buy
Idling Speed 18m/min
Functioning Speed 12m/min
Repositioning Precision <0.02mm
Spindle Working Pace -24000rpm
Machine body and operating desk Metal structure lathe bed, T-slot desk of sectional material
Operate keeping By clamps

Transmission program

 X  HAWIN Square rail,helical rack and pinion
Y  HAWIN Sq. rail,helical rack and pinion
Z  HAWIN sq. rail on Z,Germany CZPTed double-net ball screw 
Power  three.~three.five KW water cooling spindle (air cooling is optional)
Inverter Xihu (West Lake) Dis.                       
Collet diameter Ø3.a hundred seventy five-Ø12.7mm
Drive  system Stepper motor,Leadshine driver 860
Management System Ncstudio card  (DSP is optional)
Oiling system Automatic
Doing work Voltage AC380V±30V, 50HZ (22V 50Hz)
Command Code G Code, (*.nc*.mmg, *.u00,and so forth), *.eng
running surroundings temperature degree ~forty five diploma
relative humidity 30~75%
Working Application Windows98/xp/seven
Compatible Software Type3/Artcam/UcancamV9/Castmate/corelerow/Autocad

TYPE  TYPE 2   Perfect Type (AC-1325B-one) 
Price tag is
order  quantity   is  1 set,price  is  5400$ FOB HangCZPT port
order  quantity   is  2 established,price  is  5300$ FOB HangCZPT port

Applicable business
Panel furnishings, cabinets, workplace household furniture, custom made home furniture.

  • Provincial board: The firm optimized R & D layout software, significantly improving the utilization of the board, every single board area of two.7-two.eight square meters.
  • Provincial labor: compared to the traditional way of opening material, table saws need two people to operate, and CNC feeder only 1 individual operation, or even a person can operate a few at the same time.
  • Help save time: Contemporary CNC tools can be anticipated to open up a continuous daily work, getting rid of the need to drive the desk noticed often change the time, and the precision is guaranteed.
  • Effortless to function: The equipment is straightforward to operate, all for the personal computer calculation, zero error, zero failure charge, easy to work. Any 1 modest manufacturing unit 3-5 hours right after instruction producers can work right on the machine.
CZPT details
Product AC-1325B-H1
X*Y* Z  travel size 1250*2500*210mm
Feeding height 210mm
Functioning Speed 18000m/min
Repositioning Precision <0.02mm
Spindle Managing Speed -24000rpm
Max operating speed 18m/min
Max traverse speed  30mm/min
Machine body and operating table Steel structure lathe mattress, T-slot table of sectional material
Work holding By vacuum adsorption with five.5kw pump

Transmission program

X  HAWIN 25mm Square rail,helical rack and pinion
Y  HAWIN 25mm Sq. rail,helical rack and pinion
Z  HAWIN 25mm sq. rail on Z,Germany CZPTed double-net ball screw 
Power  6. KW  spindle 
Collet diameter Ø3.a hundred seventy five-Ø12.7mm
Drive  system Servo motor,
Handle Method Ncstudio 53C or DSP control system 
Oiling technique Automatic
Machine fat 2500kg
Working Voltage AC380V±30V, 50HZ 
Command Code G Code, (*.nc*.mmg, *.u00,and so forth), *.eng
managing atmosphere temperature degree ~45 diploma
relative humidity thirty~seventy five%
Doing work Computer software Windows98/xp/seven
Compatible Software Type3/Artcam/UcancamV9/Castmate/corelerow/Autocad

Produst spotlight
Bed physique is manufactured of real eight~12mm stell plate.whole internet fat is 2500kg

Our bed body is actual eight~12mm metal plate, it is extremely robust!It can be utilised for one hundred a long time.
And do you know some factories dont use this thickness steel, thire only is three~5mm, they fill sand into the bidy,in purchase to enhance weight


CNC Woodworking Machine AC-1325A Furniture CNC Router