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Product Description

Technical Parameter

Symmetrical stress mould clamping
By evenly distributing the clamping force, the platens bear
lower stress which can minimize the instance of platen
distortion,molding problem can thus be reduced.  

High Rigidity Platens with T-slot
Machines are equipped with high rigidity T-slot platens which
provides more flexibility and convenience for installation of
different kind of molds, service life of the platen can be
extended comparing with the platen with tap holes.  

Extended slides and friction belts for the moving platen
Machines are equipped with extended slides on the moving
platens, which greatly improved the stability of platen
movement during mould opening and clamping. Also, there are
steel friction bells underneath the moving platen, it reduces the
friction coefficient and thus improves the stability and precision
of the platen movement, as well as protecting the mould.

Low pressure mould protection
Master CZPT System
Tie bars and toggles are lubricated by a master automatic thin oil
lubrication system which distributes thin oil automatically. The
mould adjusting mechanism is lubricated by a manual master grease lubrication system(FC series only),both systems guarantee lubrication efficiency and thus improves reliability and stability of the machine.


Unique double linear guide tracks
The injection unit is equipped with double linear guide tracks which improves the injection accuracy and stability.  With matrix high rigidity supporting base, the double linear guide tracks guarantee high stability of the whole injection unit.  

High-efficiency screw and  barrel
Screws with special design works perfectly during plasticizing providing excellent color mixing effect, can satisfies CZPT er’s different requirement on the products. The injection features also goes with a high rigidity nozzle and nozzle flange, these two parts together with the special designed screw head, check ring and check seat effectively guarantee higher repeatability as well as ensuring production effect.

General Safety features
These features include nozzle purge guard, fully  covered barrel, movable sliding hopper and centrallubrication system.  They not only guarantee safe 
machine operation but also higher production efficiency.


FC series is a combine of servo closed-loop system and variable pump technique used in Forstar for many years. Forstar made overall improvement and optimization on selecting motors, oil pumps and tubes. This greatly improves stability, reliability of the machine, ensuring its high-efficiency, energy saving, durability and low-noise operation.
The variable pump series goes with a high performance load-sensitive variable displacement pump, which alone saves 30% to 50% of energy consumption.
The servo series is equipped with CZPT d servo system, saving as much as 40% to 80% of energy consumption.
The injection manifold is relocated on the top of the injection cylinders, so is the clamping manifold on the clamping cylinder. This design enables CZPT er responses and greatly increase the injection and clamping accuracy.
The oil tank is sealed with imported two-piece sealing elements such as Hallite which works better than traditional back-to-back sealing.
The layout of oil tubes and oil dripping tray are redesigned and optimized to make sure the cleanness of plastic products and the production site.


Equipped with professional CZPT pean KEBA computer to guarantee the production stability and efficiency.
Multi-stage PID barrel temperature control, CZPT -volatile memory, oil-temperature monitoring.
Mould opening and clamping, injection, and pre-plasticizing are all monitored by high precision linear transducer (accuracy can be as high as 0.1mm) ensuring CZPT response and high stability of the control system.
More than 500 molds data storage.
Computer hardware self-detect alarm function.
Digital and curve statistic display for injection end.
Pre-heat function.
Supports remote monitoring.

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About Our Factory

With investment of 250 million yuan, ZheJiang FORSTAR CZPT CZPT Co., Ltd was established in 2007, which occupies area of 87,000 square meters. Forstar is a professional manufacturer to produce injection moulding machine ranging from 60 ton to 3000 ton and linear blowing machine. The annual manufacturing capacity is over 3500 standard units. Forstar is a new model precision  machine manufacturing enterprise under ZheJiang CZPT LUX CZPT which face to the world in integrating R&D, manufacturing, sales, after-sales services, components supply and overseas marketing.It has been rated as a high-tech enterprise and appraised as Forstar precision machinery CZPT technology research and development center by ZheJiang Provincial CZPT and technology department.
Forstar company implements manufacture concepts of “advance design, precision manufacturing, demanding quality control, and successive refinement” and sets up strict ISO9001:2015 quality management system.
The sales and marketing branches of Forstar company spreads all over CZPT ‘s large and medium-sized cities.  At the same time, the products are exported to Russia, Hungary, Turkey, Egypt, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, India, South Africa and other countries. Many technical service centers have been set up in domestic and abroad market to provide CZPT d technology and CZPT service to global users. Serve the world with excellent quality!

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