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Product Description

Product Description

This equipment is one of the auto gate openers launched by CZPT company adopting a new design and integrated control system. Our sliding gate opener has many features such as: low noise, light weight, CZPT ful starting torque, stability, reliability and is compact and stylish. The motor will still work for a short period of time using lower voltage. The control board has overload protection.When there is a CZPT failure, the motor drive can be separated by the use of the clutch, by using the specified key the user has the ability to disconnect the clutch enabling the gate to be opened or closed manually. Using the optional infrared photocells the gate will automatically stop and re-open if an obstacle is sensed.

Standard Kit

1 PC Sliding Gate CZPT

1 PC Built-In Control Board

2 PCS Manual Keys

2 PCS Remote Control

1 PC Manual Book

1 Set Brackets

1.AC/DC motor with built in Control Panel.
2.Built in manual override with 2 supplied unique override keys in case of emergency or CZPT failure.
3.All metal gears make it durable and CZPT lasting.
4.Soft start and soft stop
5.Resistance CZPT tivity and auto-closing delay time adjustable.
6.Stop/Reverse in case of obstruction during gate opening /closing.
7.Reliable mechanical spring limit or magnetic limit optional.
8.Aluminium alloy base make if CZPT for all kinds of bad weather.

1.Totally integrated electrical mechanical system (excludes racks) 2.Single button control circularly /three buttons control can
be choosed 
3.Control board interface for optional impact-proof infrared photocells 
4.Alarm lamp interface 
5.Automatic delayed closing 
6. Pedestrian mode 
7.Adjustable resistance CZPT tivity 
8. Gate will auto stop and re-open when an obstacle is encountered 
9. Wireless remote control or wired remote control are optional

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Company Profile

We are leading manufacture and trading company in electronica l industry for more than 20 years also have a professional R&D team.With years of export experience along with excellent quality, CZPT d services and competitive prices, GIANT has won numerous CZPT ers’ CZPT and support. Welome to inquire samples for testing,you can place your order after you testing.Our product range includes: swing gate operator, sliding gate operator, automatic boom barrier, parking management system and access control equipment such as: remote control, receiver, control panel, photocell, RFID card reader, bluetooth card reader, Smart touch switch, RF wireless touch transmitters .