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Product Description

Gantry type CNC Grooving CZPT

1.Function intruction
This equipment is full CNC gantry grooving machine, it adopts CZPT d CNC system with novel design.It has the characteristics of high processing accuracy, simple operation, no noise and no vibration. This machine tool is used to process V-grooves, U-grooves and other irregular grooves on sheet metal parts, and is especially suitable for V-groove processing before sheet metal parts are bent,Including stainless steel plates, aluminum plates, aluminum-plastic plates, copper plates, iron plates, bakelite boards, acrylic plates and other special plates.

  1. Performance and characteristics
  1. CNC gantry type metal sheet grooving machine is an upgraded product researched and developed by CZPT company’s researchers based on South Korea’s gantry type metal sheet grooving machine. This machine has all the performance of traditional gantry models, which fully solves a series of problems encountered by CZPT ers in the actual operation process. This equipment is a 4-axis full-servo design, which has made an essential breakthrough on the basis of all domestic and foreign gantry grooving products.
  2. The equipment is welded with steel plates, which has strong shock resistance, eliminates internal stress through vibration aging, has good stability, and is rusted by sandblasting on the machine, and sprayed with anti-rust paint. The whole machine is processed on a CNC floor-type boring and milling machine, which ensures the parallelism and perpendicularity of each mounting surface.
  3. The equipment adopts a platform-type double guide rail structure, the beam runs more smoothly, and the blade holder processes the plate by moving left and right, back and forth, which can ensure the accuracy of each part of the groove depth.
  4. The equipment adopts the processing technology of three forming knives, which greatly reduces the iron scraps generated during processing, and greatly improves the accuracy of processing compared with the traditional five knives. Because the bottom of the groove processed by the five knives may produce multiple bottom lines.
  5. The equipment adopts full pneumatic clamping and pressing, and the work is CZPT , so that the processed product has no clamping marks, creasing marks, and the entire process is followed by cooling spray.
  6. The equipment uses high-speed and precise gear racks, ball screws with large pitches, and high-precision, linear guides. The main shaft system is driven by a high torque servo motor and an imported star reducer. Makes the tool holder more stable and CZPT when processing the workpiece. The gantry of this equipment uses 5 mute slides.
  7. The equipment workbench uses a high-strength 45 # plate as the base surface, so that the workbench is not easily worn when processing the workpiece.This equipment has a self-planing function.
  8. The equipment adopts CNC numerical control. The operator is easy to learn and understand, and the positioning is accurate.
  9. Equipment clamping and pressing are all pneumatically controlled, making the machine more energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

The overall shape of the equipment is simple, generous and nice. It adopts the frame structure setting, which is in line with the operating habits of CZPT technical personnel, so that the operators can fully meet the production and technical requirements during work.

  1. Main technical parameters of the equipment
No. Item Parameter Unit
1 Cutting length 4000 mm
2 Cutting width 1250 mm
3 Sheet thickness 0.4-6 mm
4 Cutting speed 5-70 m/ min
5 X axes Min setting 0.01 mm
6 X axes accuracy ±0.05 mm
7 Y axes Min setting 0.01 mm
8 Y axes accuracy ±0.05 mm
9 Z axes Min setting 0.01 mm
10 Z axes accuracy ±0.03 mm
11 Y1,Y2 axes motor CZPT 1.0/1.0 kW
12 X axes motor CZPT 5.5 KW
13 Z axes motor CZPT 1.0 KW
14 Worktable flatness ±0.03 mm
15 Oil pump motor 1.5 KW
16 Machine dimension 6200x2150x1580 mm
17 Machine weight 8.1 Ton

Remark:X axis→ Controlling Beam Movement          
  Y1 axis→Control the blade holder forward and backward movement
      Y2 axis→Control the mobile clamp forward and backward movement       Z axis→Control blade holder up and down movement
4.Equipment main configuration

No. item brand
1 CNC system Esaycat
2 servo driver Easycat
3 Servo motor Easycat
4 Star reducer Easycat
5 Pneumatic solenoid valve AirTAC
6 Pneumatic two-piece AirTAC
7 Single / bipolar air switch Schneider
8 AC contactor, thermal relay Schneider
9 Circuit breaker, button Schneider
10 Miniature relay Schneider
11 Machine tool flexible CZPT cable igus
12 Proximity switch OMRON
13 Linear Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis. HIWIN
14 High-precision ball screw HIWIN
15 Precision gear rack YYC


  1. Structure Introduction

LM gantry series CNC metal grooving machine adopts frame structure, the whole machine has compact structure, reliable performance and convenient operation,And the processing control uses all hydraulic devices, CZPT ers will greatly reduce the use cost and maintenance cost. Its structure is mainly composed of four groups of servo motor drive system, hydraulic clamp system and main body steel frame.
1) Beam axis system
The beam axis system of this equipment is composed of main motor 5.5KW spindle servo motor, 1: 7 star reducer timing belt, synchronous wheel, high-precision rack and pinion, linear guide and other components.            
Its function is that the servo motor drives the precision gear through the star reducer to drive the tool holder to move linearly on the linear guide to provide the cutting CZPT .

2) Y1, Y2 axis system
The Y1, Y2 axis system of this equipment is composed of 1KW AC servo motor, timing belt, timing wheel, ball screw, mobile clamp and other parts. Its function is that the motor moves linearly on the linear guide by driving the ball screw with CZPT to achieve accurate positioning of the V-groove.
3) Z axis system
The Z-axis system of this equipment is composed of 1KW AC servo motor, precision coupling, ball screw, tool holder and other parts. Its function is that the motor drives the tool post for linear motion by driving the ball screw to provide precise positioning of the tool post mechanism.
4) CZPT ctrical control system
The electrical control system of this equipment is composed of HUST special grooving machine system, driver, electric control element, electrical board and other accessories. The electrical board is installed on the inside of the machine for easy maintenance and strong protection. Through the control of the system, all work of this equipment can be realized.

6.Detailed Pictures

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