High Quali manufacturer ty Strong Motor Grader (HPY9120) supplier with Cummins Engine

Product Description

Features :
Choose CZPT CZPT supercharged high performance engine is selected, with large torque and low noise. Perfect match with double high base gearbox, best performance and fuel efficiency in CZPT , energy saving and high efficiency.
The hydraulic locking cylinder is used for positioning to ensure accuracy and convenient operation. The hydraulic oil pipe is built-in to effectively prevent the aging and wear of the oil pipe.

Specifications :
Overall operation quality:   6110kg
Front axle maximum swing angle :  + 16 degrees
Maximum angle of CZPT wheel:   + 45 degrees
Frame twist angle:   + 23 degrees
Cutter head diameter (mm):  1250mm
Blade specification (L x W x H):  3000x480x18
Blade rotation angle:  360 degrees
Blade ground clearance:  450mm
Blade cutting depth:  260mm
Blade tilt angle:  47 ° forward / 5 ° backward
Blade slide range:  550mm left / 550mm right