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Product Description

GOODA Vertical Machining center

·Technical description

1. Description of basic machine functions.
·On the basis of inheriting the advantages of strong rigidity, symmetrical structure and strong stability of the traditional vertical CNC milling machine, this machine tool introduces the international CZPT d dynamic rigid design concept and optimizes the design of moving parts. The machine tool has the characteristics of large torque, CZPT response characteristics, etc., which is suitable for the needs of CZPT machining fields such as automobiles, molds, aerospace,  and hardware.

·Linear slide rails are used for three-axis movement. The three-axis rapid movement can reach 36m/min, and the heaviest load is 550Kg, ensuring accurate positioning.

·The main shaft and the motor belt use 1:1 connection design. The main motor is a low inertia motor, and its maximum speed is 10,000rpm.

·The main shaft and the motor are directly connected. There is no belt or gear transmission noise, backlash, or vibration. The motor shaft outputs the speed directly, the maximum speed is 12000rpm, and high-quality tapping effects can be obtained. The main motor is a low-inertia motor, there is no time lag during high-speed tapping and commutation to avoid pulling teeth.

·The machine bed, workbench, column, beam, saddle, and headstock are made of resin sand molded HT300 high-strength inoculated cast iron. After CZPT ary annealing, the internal stress caused by casting stress and rough machining is completely eliminated to ensure high rigidity and high structure. Stable and qualitative, ensure quality permanently.

·The castings are calculated and analyzed by computer based on finite element analysis. The reasonable structure strength and the matching of reinforcing ribs provide high mechanical rigidity.

2. The main parts of the machine and its structure.
(1) Base
large-span base, the guide rail is 1.2 times higher than peering companies, effectively disperses the gravity and processing capacity; the saddle has a short overhang, which greatly improves the dynamic accuracy

(2) Column
We use upside-down “Y” shape column which is more stable and rigid than “I” shape column. It can eliminate to the greatest extent the problem of the laterally stressed column tilting left and right.

 The design of sheet metal protection and chip removal system is very mature on the upside-down “Y” shape column. and the water leakage problem of sheet metal installation is avoided from the mechanical structure.

(3)Spindle box
The contact ratio of the spindle box to the column adopts the best contact ratio design, and it is matched with the imported spindle from ZheJiang to achieve the high rigidity of the headstock of the huge machine tool. It can ensure the rigidity requirements of drilling, milling, tapping, boring and other processes.

(4)  High precision, high performance, high stability precision spindle

The belt driven spindle has high precision and high rigidity, which is the best choice for low speed and heavy cutting occasions.


The screw driven spindle also has the characteristics of high precision, high rigidity, and high speed. It is the best choice for high speed, precision machining, and surface finish.


The main shaft is equipped with a circulating oil cooling system to reduce the temperature rise caused by the high-speed rotation of the main shaft. The differential temperature mode is adopted to keep the main shaft temperature below about 2 degrees from the ambient temperature to ensure that there is no condensation on the surface of the main shaft, ensuring the life and accuracy of the main shaft.

The use of a low-inertia spindle motor has short acceleration time, high motor efficiency, CZPT acceleration and deceleration, reducing backlash problems, and improving tapping speed and quality.

(5) Ball screw and linear slide

In order to ensure the rigidity and durability of the machine, the ball screws and linear slides used are more than 1.28 times larger than peering companies to ensure the maximum load capacity and prolong the service life of the machine.

(6)Cooling system
The machine is equipped with a cooling system, the perfect combination of a large-flow water pump and number of nozzles, which effectively solves the processing drawbacks of cutting tools due to overheating Workpiece and workpiece deformation due to heat during processing.

(7)The bed rail (XY axis) of the machine tool adopts a telescopic shield, and the column guide adopts an organ and armored shield to maximize the protection of the guide rail and screw from the corrosion and wear of cutting fluid and processing waste; the external protection of the machine tool is fully enclosed To prevent iron filings and coolant from splashing, so that operators can work in a safe and comfortable environment.

(8)Machine appearance
The design of the outer sheet metal is minimalistic with futuristic look and feel. We deigned a big and high door for quick access and loading workpiece. It is big enough even for installing the fourth-axis.

Giant water tank, large inclined angle chip flute, and rear waste removal design ensure smooth waste ejection, prolong the service life of the Y rear guard, and the cooling water will not be interrupted until the maximum amount of cooling water is opened, and it will not cause water leakage in the machine tool.

(9)Lubrication system

Grease lubrication for three-axes

Automatic thin oil lubrication are used on the ball screw and guide rail.

The X,Y, Z coordinate guide rails have automatically controlled lubrication points, and the lubricating oil will lubricate the guide rails after being shunted.

The pressure detection method is adopted to ensure that the preset pressure can be reached every time the oil is pumped, otherwise the system will prompt an alarm

(10)Electrical parts
In addition to mechanical design, GOODA also pay great attention to electrical design. The CNC system uses a unique optical fiber communication method, which greatly increases the speed of data communication, and greatly reduces the number of wiring, making the electrical cabinet very tidy.

(11)Machine working condition
Power requirements: three-phase four-wire electronic control system 3φ380V  50HZ; 

 Allowed fluctuation of CZPT supply voltage: ±10%

 Allowed fluctuation of CZPT frequency: ±1%

The machine must be safely placed with a separate cable, and the grounding resistance must be less than 4 Ω.

 Air source: 0.4~0.6Mpa

The ambient temperature range of the machine tool workshop is 10~35ºC, the relative humidity is 40~75%, the atmospheric pressure is 86~106Kpa, and the dust concentration in the air should not exceed 10mg/m3, and it should not contain acid, salt and corrosive gas.

The machine must be installed in a workshop far away from seismic source, heat source and heat flow, and its vibration is below 0.5G (G is the acceleration of gravity).

(12) Operation System (all specs should follow the real contract)
Operation system features:

We have been using large-board structure for the beginning, but modular structure has been adopted in new products. We use dedicated LSI to improve integration, reliability, reduce volume and reduce costs.

Wide range of product applications. Each CNC device can be equipped with a variety of upper control software, suitable for a variety of machine tools.

Continuously adopt new processes and technologies. Such as surface mount technology CZPT , multilayer printed circuit boards, optical fiber cables, etc.

The volume of the CNC device is reduced, and the panel-mounted, built-in PMC programmable machine tool controller is adopted

We continuously add new functions in interpolation, acceleration and deceleration, compensation, automatic programming, graphic display, communication, control and diagnosis

Interpolation function: In addition to linear, arc, and spiral interpolation, there are imaginary axis interpolation, extreme coordinate interpolation, cone interpolation, exponential function interpolation, spline interpolation, etc.

Automatic acceleration and deceleration function of cutting feed: In addition to linear acceleration and deceleration after interpolation, it also has acceleration and deceleration before interpolation.

Compensation function: In addition to pitch error compensation and screw backlash compensation, there are slope compensation linearity compensation and new tool compensation functions.

Fault diagnosis function: using artificial intelligence, the system has reasoning software, and finding the cause of the fault based on the knowledge base.

The full name of handwheel is manual pulse generator, also known as photoelectric encoder. Novel shape, easy to move, anti-interference, strong load capacity; full plastic shell, high insulation strength, anti-oil seal design; with X1, X10, X100 three-gear magnification, can realize 4-axis magnification switching; with enable switch, emergency Optional stop switch, human design, easy to operate.

·Main specifications and technical parameters.

specs Unit GDVL-850PLUS
X-axis mm 850
Y-axis mm 540
Z-axis mm 520
Distance from spindle nose to worktable mm 125-645
Spindle center to column mm 550
Worktable size mm 1000*500
T-slot(Size*Number of slots*Spacing) mm 18*5*100
Maximum load Kg 550
Spindle taper   BT40
Spindle speed rpm 10000/12000
Transmission type    belt-driven/screw-driven
Cutting feed m/min 10/10/10
Rapid feed m/min 48/48/48
Positioning accuracy mm 0.005/300
Re-positioning accuracy mm 0.003/300
Tool-changing system
Number of Tools Pcs 24
Max tool weight Kg 7
Max length of tools mm 300
Tool diameter (full tool/empty tool) mm 75/150
Tool magazine type   Disc type 
Spindle motor CZPT Kw 7.5/11
X/Y/Z Three axis motor CZPT Kw Mitsubishi:2.0/2.0/3.0 
or Fanuc(1.8/1.8/3.0)
Screw diameter × pitch mm 36×16/16/16
Linear slide width mm X:35/Y:35/Z:35
Air pressure Kgf/cm2 6.5
Water tank volume L 400
Power requirement KVA 20
Net weight(approximate) Kg 4900
Dimensions mm 2400*2650*2600

The acceptance is carried out according to the product contract and technical agreement. According to the technical standards implemented by the product, the appearance quality, function, and geometric accuracy of the machine tool shall be checked and accepted. The samples for the work accuracy inspection shall be provided by Party B.

 No.       Motor standard spec
1 Main transmission system (including AC servo main motor, spindle, etc.)
2 X, Y, Z three-axis driven system (including AC variable frequency servo motor, coupling, ball screw, linear guide, etc.)
3 Main components (including base, worktable, column, saddle, spindle stock, etc.)
4 The numerical control system includes numerical control cabinet, CZPT module, servo module, PLC, operating unit, display, movable hand pulse generator, heat exchanger, etc.
6  Pneumatic triple
7 Automatic lubrication system (including motor, pump, distributor, etc.)
8 Cutting fluid system (including motor, pump, chip flushing device and chip storage tray)
9 X, Y, Z axis rail protection
10 Work lights and warning lights
11 Attached technical file 1.1 A user manual
2.1 A qualification certificate
3. Packing list

 Attachment list

  NO.    Attached items     
Specs and models
1 Foundation bolt group M36*2P*115mm 1
2 Hand pulse generator / 1
3 Communication Cable / 1
4 Air blower / 1
5  Fixing kit   1

·Installing condition

a, Temperature
Operating temperature: Room temperature 17±25ºC
When stored/moving:  -30ºC~50ºC  
MAX range: 10ºC/hour 
Constant:  75%below (unfrozen)    
short period:       95% below (unfrozen )
c, Altitude below 1000m
d, Installation site conditions.
1. No external vibration. 
2. No corrosive gases.
3. No direct exposure to the machine. 
4. No direct with out-side wind or cold/hot air 
5. No heating source nearby 
6. Avoid from dust
7.Avoid from water leakage and flooding
8. Avoid from electrical noise
e, Power:3 phases380V±10% 

· GOODA Profile