Hydr manufacturer aulic/Servo-Motor Sliding Table Machine for Machining Sanitary Fitting sales s, Slide Table Compound Machine Tool

Product Description

AC-110H2-4S 4-Spindle Sliding Table Compound CZPT For Water Meter
Application Fields:
Widely used in machining brass,copper, aluminum alloy, like valves, CZPT  ware, door hardware, household appliances,auto parts,etc.
Technical CZPT CZPT s:
Hydraulic servo sliding table, accurate machining size, CZPT positioning speed.
PLC programmable controller, CZPT tive response, easy to operate.
With precision electromagnetic control valve hydraulic system, easy to adjust the pressure, smooth feed of hydraulic cylinder, adjustable stroke, unit installation size and good interchangeability.
Our Slide Base Series:

Company Introduction:
ZheJiang CZPT an Delin CZPT ry CZPT Co.,ltd
Delin Company Located in sanitary home CZPT an,is the earliest professional casting equipment manufacturer in the southern parts of CZPT .
With the area of 50000m2,350 workers including 65 middle&highclass professional technicians.
Main Products:Automatic molding machine,low pressure die casting machine,gravity casting machine,furnace,core shooting machine,mix sand machine,abrator,etc…
Widely used in plumbing,sanitaryware,car spares,valves.iron cast lines,etc
It provides a series of service,including technical conseling,mould designing,live training for staff,etc

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