Cutting Machine for sales Big manufacturer Rolls

Product Description

Cutting CZPT for Big Rolls


For packaging food: 

Large rolls of plastic film such as biaxially orientated polypropylene (BOPP), paper or adhsive tape is produced in large diameter roll for maxium efficiency.

the roll are then slit by this fabric strip cutting machine into small rolls of the size to used on the packaging machine.

For Apparel and home use products:

Large rolls of fabric or cloth can be slit into CZPT width fabric strip to used as the piping or decoration on the apparel. 

and the slitted fabric strip can also be used as the raw material for tape edging the mattress, or for mattress border decoration.

Main CZPT nical Parameter:

Model WXR-1300 WXR-1600
Cutting precision +/-0.1mm +/-0.1mm
Max winding speed 34T/min 34T/min
Min roll width 3mm 3mm
Max coil diameter 350mm 350mm
Outside diameter of cutting tube core 1″-3″   75mm 1″-3″   75mm
Motor CZPT 11KW 11KW
Power voltage 380V 380V
The weight 1800kg 2000kg
Measurement 2900*1500*1350mm 2900*1800*1350mm


1.Adopt ZheJiang AC motor and frequency converter as cutting material drive, acceleration and deceleration is stable and CZPT .

2.The use of programmable central control, coaxial can be set in a variety of sizes (up to 20 modes) one-time automatic converter, to achieve automatic unmanned operation. 

3.Central control system for PLC programmable controller, coaxial can set a variety of sizes, the computer in the cutting automatically adjust the degree of cutting.

4.High precision imported ball screw for dimensional positioning and using linear slide bearing knife holder, positioning action precise lithography.

5.Adapt to different materials to make different CZPT le changes (Angle adjustment +/-8°) when the cutting plane is not good, can directly change the cutting CZPT le, can reduce the number of tool change, avoid the trouble of manual adjustment of CZPT le, greatly improve production efficiency .

Applicable Material

Suitable for BOPP, PVC,PE, CZPT ican paper, imported high-grade double-sided tape, conductive foam adhesive, cloth base, industrial tape, protective film and other cutting. 

Optional Configurations

1. Hot stamping
2. Punching
3. Laminating
4. Adding conveyor belt
5. Full-cut for die cutting


1. Warranty for machine: 12months.
2. After-service: A reply within 24 hours.
3. A free training in CZPT factory CZPT before delivering machines.

Packaging and shipping

Fix machine on the pallet by screws,make sure safety during transportation.


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Why us
ZheJiang CZPT CZPT Rui CZPT Equipment CZPT nology Co.,Ltd, integrate produce, sales,R&D  as one  automatic Industry  enterprise. CZPT company have enagged in die cut area over 10 years. Mainly  products  include: slitting machine, full  CZPT matic Cutting machine,laminating machine,..also  customize personal CZPT ize service. Our products combined with Germany,Finland, Hungary etc country’s high procession technology and  quality ,more prizes from CZPT clients CZPT products widely use in electronic . IT, packaging .medicine ,car industry,printing etc  industries. Our products have advantages below
A:strong expansibility.upgrade system or CZPT ize machine according to CZPT ers’ requirements.
B:Modular design: more convenience and CZPT ful.
C:machine parts characters :use the high quality raw material, CZPT CZPT brand,Long using lifetime and high stability.
D:machine process :according international standard process.Quenching tempering internal /external procession grinding.
CNC ,wine cutting ,milling ,drilling ,ensured each part procession And durable.